Prayer Avails Much

Let us not forget how much we prayed for peace as a nation in the run up to the 2013 General Election. We spent time on our knees and begged God to keep us from fighting our neighbours, brothers and friends.

Let us not give up praying for the nation of Kenya because we are the gateway to East Africa and our mandate as a nation is great. Let us pray that our leaders will be reminded that they were elected to serve the people and not themselves, Let us pray for wisdom for our leaders as they navigate relationships, negotiations, foreign policy, development strategies, security concerns.

Let us pray for our neighbours that they will engage in dialogue and share in the responsibilities of region building. Let us pray for our neighbours that peace will prevail in their nations as it prevails on ours.

The prayers of a righteous man or woman availeth much…Let us join hands and pray for this beautiful nation that is our motherland.

A man is strongest when he is on his knees…may we take the example from our leaders as they took their oath office to kneel before God and man and submit to Divine guidance.

Let us Pray for our homes, neighbourhoods, estates, leaders, constituencies, wards, counties and nation. For all the people in the land that peace, love and compassion will prevail and the face of Africa will change because the face of Kenya has changed.

Let us pray…… for prayer avails much.

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