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Can you #Dare2Dream? I have ;-)

This has become one of the greatest challenges set before me in a long time. Challenge but loving the walk to the direction of my dreams.

#Dare2Dream was birthed from a daring challenge from God to do more with what He has blessed me with for His honour and glory. Initially I thought I was doing a lot but clearly there is always room for greater #dreams and more progress.

So off I went about it with my usual gusto (for those who know me well, I have lots of gusto when fired up…often unstoppable) and it has been a great walk of faith. You see every time I felt I had it all under control, I was hit by one thing or blind-sided by something bigger and greater than me. In each instance (and the instances have been pretty frequent) I have stopped and accepted that I am not the author and prefector of this project.

I realise now (heheheheehe yes just now) that I need to be the first partaker of the vision before I can effectively share it with anyone…So clearly it is now a reality for me.

You see, I have indeed taken #Dare2Dream personally and I am now really #dreaming…when awake and asleep…it is like a tide has burst open and the dreams have been reborn and are overflowing. I am also breaking it all down into clear and practical steps then applying the steps to the dream…At times the hardest part is to break it down and keep it going when we are tired or progress is slow (at least slow in our eyes). All the same I have kept walking and I believe it is well.

Come and let’s compare notes on our progress on Saturday 10th August 2013 at Kingdom Business Network…just send an email to and we’ll get back to you.

Be blessed and join us as we #Dare2Dream.

All About Doors

This last week has been life and game changing….then today I re-discovered an article by Tyler Perry that added so much value and strength it almost unbelievable. I say almost unbelievable because this week I was literally reminded that “Nothing is impossible with GodImage


Tyler Perry <

When I wake up in the morning and see the sunrise as I’m running, I thank God for new mercies every day. As I was running this morning I started thinking about this and you know how much I like to share my morning thoughts. LOL

I was out just thinking about my life and all the times that I wished that a door had opened. All the times I had promoters and people lie to me saying that they would help me… I remember wishing the bank would approve my loan request for a house or a car (usually one I couldn’t afford at the time). I wished that this person would help me or that person would do something to help my business, or this person would help my dreams come true. 

As I look back now I’m so glad that none of those situations worked out. I’m so glad God closed those doors because they forced me to find the right path for me. If you’re in this situation and you feel like doors are closing all around you and you are frustrated, here’s something I’d like you to think about: Life can be like a living maze. You know what a maze is. In a maze, you start out at one end and your objective is to find your way to the finish line.

Many times you may make a turn and hit a dead end and you have to go another way. Just like life, that door closing on you sends you another way. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, it just means you need to go another way. If you keep moving, eventually you will get to where you’re going.

Another thing that is important when you’re in a maze, as in life, is to remember where you have been. If you get turned around and confused in a maze, in order to get out, you have to remember the dead-ends that you have already hit. Just like in life you have to remember all the doors that were closed so you don’t waste time going that way again. If you want to get to your dreams you can’t expect to get there by doing the same thing and going to the same spots. You must try something different. I’m not saying give up on your dream, I’m saying try another path to the same dream. Same maze, same dream, but take a different direction to get there.

I feel sorry for people who have a dream and give up because it gets hard. Let me tell you something, “IT’S GOING TO GET HARD!” And my answer to that is, “SO WHAT? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!” Don’t stop because a door closed. I have learned to thank God for closed doors. You have to know that if God wanted you to go that way, no man could close that door. But for some reason he allowed that door to be closed, but if that one was closed I assure you that there is one that is open somewhere. And it’s the right one. Don’t stop until you are living your dream. 

Is this helping anybody?

Understanding Unconditional Love

Papa, today I know for a fact that you love me,
I know I don’t have to feel that love but I just need to know that you love me…period.

I accept and receive your love,
My heart is all yours…forever yours…no longer mine…..
I long to spend time with you to get to know you, to learn your voice….

Fuelled by Family

imageMy focus today is on family.I am from a very diverse family that has come from different places and subsequently spread across the world. It is exciting to see how we all respond to the things around us. It is even more fun to watch the different personalities at work and the impact this has on family relationships. Meetings are often a riot as our personalities and styles come out when we are discussing issues. I can classify us loosely into three main categories. There are the feisty pushy ones, the quiet non-confrontational and the detached ones. Each group is well represented and needs to be handled in a manner that ensures discussion but pushes for the impact and decisions needed. Every time we sit together and that is 3 times a year at least, the mix of personalities adds such flavour to life that just knowing the agenda creates intense anticipation. One element that has created the differences is the method of socialisation of the individual family units. The mode of socialisation of respective families is the major deciding factor of how we have turned out as individuals.

A critical lesson and realisation we have come to recently and with great conviction, is the fact that “Family, is family is family!!!” Now that may sound pretty simple but take a moment and a deep breath and think about this statement. The reality is that no matter what the person has done or hasn’t done for that matter this person is family. We are not idealistic about life and no, we aren’t all successful. We have had our share of poor performers alongside greatly successful people…yet at the end of the day we all share the same gene pool and we are family. It doesn’t mean that we condone all the actions of all members, however, everyone is held to account for their actions and there are consequences for all actions.

04.08.13bThe reality that has dawned on me is that every failure is communal failure and every success if communal success. The communal is not necessarily that we split the wealth but we do split the pride and confidence of the win. Case in point, recently one of my nieces graduated with her Master’s and you should see how proud we are of her. Family is not a pot where you just dip your fingers in and take out whatever you need. Family doesn’t always give you money when you need it but they will send you in the right direction to find what you need. Family is an oasis in this world that should provide a support structure and basis for life.

Beyond my biological family but I have another family… my family of choice and association. This is made up of people who are connected to me in other ways like through common causes supported, faith-based relationships and close friends. This family provides similar support structures like my biological family. This is a connection by choice and instruction and the members change and will continue to change as I walk this road and move from level to level. This family is dynamic and over the years has evolved and changed yet it still provides a great support system

I have come to believe that Family is not:

  • A group of yes men and women
  • A free pass to a life of laziness
  • A blanket pot of love and acceptance
  • Only based on a genetic or biological connectionIMG_20130428_102053

Family is:

  • A place of safety and honesty
  • A support system to resource location and procurement
  • The connector to success and resilience
  • Critical to our personal success
  • By revelation of the people who will make your life more effective
  • The base and strength of society
  • The source of the push, nudge or kick you need to get ahead

My prayer for everyone is that we connect to our biological families and the other individuals who will push us to become the best we can be and create the value and impact we give back to the world.

Set up to Succeed by Outrageous Love

The Blessedness of Answered Prayer
I will extol You, O Lord, for You have lifted me up,
And have not let my foes rejoice over me.
O Lord my God, I cried out to You, And You healed me.
O Lord, You brought my soul up from the grave;
You have kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.
Sing praise to the Lord, you saints of His,
And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name.
For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life;
Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.
Now in my prosperity I said, “I shall never be moved.”
Lord, by Your favor You have made my mountain stand strong;
You hid Your face, and I was troubled. I cried out to You, O Lord;
And to the Lord I made supplication:
“What profit is there in my blood, When I go down to the pit?
Will the dust praise You? Will it declare Your truth?
Hear, O Lord, and have mercy on me; imageLord, be my helper!”
You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness,
To the end that my glory may sing praise to You and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever.


The realisation that God is in control and that He loves us no matter what is profound beyone explanation. It makes me look ahead and say Thank you Lord and love my life. I also realise that there is nothing I cannot do when I tap into the love and power of God. Today I realise afresh that I am a blessed Child of God and nothing can stand in the way of that.

I have seen many things this year. I had never imagined the intensity of the experiences of success and failure, loss and gain, frustration and elation, sadness and joy, kindness and menace and many more…yet everyday  I found reminders and assurances that “The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow.” Until recently, I used to think that to be blessed meant that I would not lack anything and I would roll in the dough. In hind sight this is the funniest thing I could have ever thought. I found out that there have always seemed to be challenges keeping abundance from remaining present.

It was such a shock to realise that my focus and understanding has been wrong. Blessing I have learnt, is the provision of everything that will help me prosper. Yes everything!!!! Everything means the good and the challenging. We so often focus only on the good and forget the challenging. In life there are things that we do not like to talk about that when accepted and harnessed will help us prosper. In my humble opinion some of the most important ingredients for success that are not adequately recognise are adversity and hardship. These two though often pleasant aspects of life are actual key ingredients to success. To overcome the challenges they bring we must take a hard look at ourselves and either find the reserves to go on or just give up and go the other way and fail to realise our full potential and purpose on this earth.

I dare say that the right response to the combination of adversity and hardship is to recognise that both will come, individually figure out why a certain path must be pursued and conquered and then take one determined step at a time to get to our goal. The daily total trust in God, along this walk of faith and the consistent work for our salvation and our lives builds diligence and brings clarity eventually making us better and stronger people.

Let’s walk the path set out for us with the clear knowledge that “He who begun the good work in us will be faithful to complete it in us.” This assurance makes Ps 30 more meaningful to me because I am reminded that as I walk, God thinks of me, provides for me, protects me and most important…walks with me.

Here’s to another great day in this walk of live and love

Outrageous living

I have just finished reading “The OUTRAGEOUS life: Letting God Take You From Ordinary to Outrageous” by Dwayne Morris,….I have to quote an excerpt here that rocked my life…

“My favourite story about perspective involves a father and his two little sons, one of whom was an eternal optimist, while the other was a perpetual pessimist. One Christmas, he decided to try to temper both of their perspectives − in addition to their standard gifts, he told them they’d each get something “chosen especially for you!” His plan was to give the pessimist every toy and game he could possibly desire, while the optimist would be directed to the baDSC09042sement filled with manure.  On Christmas, after the normal presents were opened, the father sent the optimist to the cellar, while leading the pessimist to the room filled with presents.

After the pessimist opened all the gifts, he turned to his father with a sad face and said, “How can I possibly use all these? The TV will wear out, the PlayStation will get smashed, and all the other toys will be broken!”

After a few minutes of listening to such woe, the father remembered his optimistic son and ran to the basement steps. There in the basement was his other son, swimming through the manure with a gleeful smile. The father asked him why he was so happy, to which the boy exclaimed, “With this much manure, there must be a pony in here somewhere!””

This little story has had a profound effect on my day. it has brought many things into question and reality. Some of the questions I have been left working through are:

  • What is my view of life?
  • Am I joyful and gleeful despite and in spite of the circumstances?
  • How well do I live my life and enjoy the circumstances?
  • Do I trust my Papa to have my best interests at heart even when He gives me something ‘not nice’ like manure?

I have no answers for the above as the thought process is on and I am trusting that by the end of the day I’ll be closer to the right place than I was at the day’s break. One thing I realised as I read the book is that this walk is a daily and moment by moment affair and I will never get to the place where I have arrived. When I arrive and reach perfection I will be at home in heaven…astounding thought but totally true. I look forward to a richer, deeper and more fulfilling relationship with Papa.

Here is to a new start every day.


Genesis 7:16
So those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had commanded him; and the Lord shut him in.

What does it mean to be shut in? There was no way out and Noah and his family were in the ark tossed by the waves of the sea awaiting the redemption of God the father

Shut in, protected, held close, embraced, preserved, cushioned, cocooned, delivered. Noah believed in God despite and in spite of the prevailing issues and he received the blessings of the Father.

how about us? Are we plugged in? Are we shut in? Are we focused on God to lead us through? Lets walk by faith in His ways and He will make our paths straight..

Variety is the spice of life

Recently I worked with a bride who loves colour and it was amazing. In the beginning I was a bit concerned about the colours then I tested them together and the outcome was amazing. It was like nothing I had ever done before and now I pursue it with vehemence.

Look at the picture attached and yes those are the colours used. The place was alive and energetic. It almost felt like there was an electric current pulsing beneath the surface.

Now that I have had time to rest and think a few things strike me and I must share:

1. Each of us is created with a very unique colour – our colour is our personality and the vibrance we bring to this life.

2. Many times we are told that the colour we bring to the table is not ideal and we believe that line and work to be like others.

3. We look for like colours so that we can blend in rather than contrasting colours so that we can blend out.

The #lesson in this is that we need to embrace who we are and stop apologising for our differences and embrace our God given gifts and harness them for the good of humanity and the glory of God.

Be blessed this week and thrive not only where you are planted but also as who you were created.