Faith Is My Anchor

Faith Tabernacle

April 11, 2013


Don’t give up!  Hold on to your faith.  Even though the path seems unfamiliar and even treacherous at times, you must continue on.  I have gone before you to make the crooked places straight and to remove dangerous obstacles from your way.  Be strong and unwavering in your belief that I will perfect those things that concern you, says the Lord. 

Isaiah 45:2  I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron.


2013 has been an interesting year with many unique opportunities and immense challenges. I would never have imagined that I could have been through all this and still be sane and sober. It has been a time for Papa to move me to a deeper understanding of the reality that His plan and purposes are above me. I also realise that I cannot determine Papa’s will but I can choose to align with it and indeed hold onto my faith.

It was interesting that the caption above talks about holding onto our faith. I have realised that this walk of faith is neither smooth nor free of challenges hence the call to hold onto our faith. This year I have indeed begun to get a grasp of this. There have been moments when  I have wanted to just lie down and give up, but each time I realise that I cannot just do that because it is tantamount to letting go of my destiny so I must keep going. Keep going to what?????? Keep going where?????? It’s simple really, keep going to the place and things that Papa has said about me.

This made me wonder whether I am totally sure about what Papa has said about me and my destiny or am I holding onto my personal dreams. I realised afresh that I need to sit at Papa’s feet consistently and hear the reminder of who I am, what is my purpose and what is my place of impact and change. So I choose to find that place at the feet of Papa that I can find strength and hold onto my faith.

Hold onto the faith, hold onto the hope, hold onto the certainty that Papa is in control and connect to the reality of our destiny.

2 thoughts on “Faith Is My Anchor

  1. Silver Price

    I have personally verified that concepts like faith, prayer, love, and humility hold no great significance and produce no miracles until they become a living part of us through our own experience, aided by the sweet prompting of the Holy Spirit. In early life I found that I could learn gospel teachings intellectually and, through the power of reason and analysis, recognize that they were of significant value. But their enormous power and ability to stretch me beyond the limits of my imagination and capacity did not become reality until patient, consistent practice allowed the Holy Spirit to distill and expand their meaning in my heart. I found that while I was sincerely serving others, God forged my personal character. He engendered a growing capacity to recognize the direction of the Spirit. The genius of the gospel plan is that by doing those things the Lord counsels us to do, we are given every understanding and every capacity necessary to provide peace and rich fulfillment in this life. Likewise, we gain the preparation necessary for eternal happiness in the presence of the Lord.

  2. Bernice Woodard

    They say the Judaism in the south, especially after the sixth century BC Babylonian exile, diverted from the original faith. Their differences figure in John’s Gospel, where Jesus surprises a Samaritan woman at a well by asking her for water even though Jews and Samaritans did not associate.

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