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Spinning wheels

2013 is Jubilee for Kenya yet many of us have not been able to see or realise it yet and we are getting tired. I have wondered over and over about what is really happening and how we will get from where we are to where we need to be in the time we have. So as part of this quest I thought about life and it’s realities despite and in spite of our desires. I have come to some really humbling and personal convictions that I hope to will make a difference for others.

1. It is not the fastest that win the race:

We have been taught to fight for our rights and make sure we win but today I ask…What does it really mean to win? Does it mean to cut off all routes for others? Is it keeping all information to ourselves so others don’t get ahead? Is it being selfish and doing everything in our power to come out ahead? My definition was scuttled because I haven’t really won much this year…at least externally. I have always defined winning as being ahead of the pack and better than my competition. This year I realised that for me to win, I must conquer myself and compete with myself. Ok, let me say it differently… I am one of a kind so I cannot compare myself to others. I have a special reason I am on this earth so my destiny is comparable to none. I have a very special personality so my responses are not comparable to others. In view of this then….for me to win means that I must conquer self and reach my full potential without standing in judgement over others and the path they are taking.


2. Collaboration is key:

We are taught to prove our worth and distrust certain kinds of people or suspect certain actions. While there is a place for all this, we also must realise that we are nothing without the next person. Case in point, I cannot deliver a good even without a whole load of people. I need team members, suppliers, a client and guests. The absence of one of these parties means that the level of achievement is lower. In view of this I have learnt that I cannot dismiss or devalue the impact of each person. I was recently reminded of this when working on a project when one team member lived too far to go home when we were done setting up. It was interesting to watch another team member open up his home to host this young man for a couple of days so he could be safe and work freely. Unless we pull together we cannot achieve half of the calling, impact and things we need to achieve.

3. Friendship counts for something big:

In this walk that is life we need to have some people in our corner to stand with us and walk with us along the way. I don’t mean a series of yes men and women but a team of people who will tell us the truth. I have come to learn that you are not my friend if you agree with everything I say. I have learnt that my friends are allowed to disagree with me and are entitled to their opinions. I may not always take the advice but at least I owe them an opportunity to speak and be heard. As time has passed I have found that there are people who I can trust with my life because they are honest. True friendship is key to success in life.

4. Jesus at the Centre:

As I get to the end I am reminded of a song by Darlene Zschech & Israel Houghton – Jesus at the Centre

Jesus at the centre of it all, Jesus at the centre of it all

From beginning to the end, it will always be

It’s always been You Jesus, Jesus


Nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do

Jesus you’re the centre and everything revolves around You

Jesus you…at the centre of it all


Jesus be the centre of my life, Jesus be the centre of my life

From beginning to the end, it will always be

It’s always been You Jesus, Jesus


Nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do

Jesus You’re the centre and everything revolves around You

Jesus You …at the centre of it all


From my heart to the Heavens, Jesus be the centre

It’s all about You, yes it’s all about You


Today I realised that I am not spinning wheels like I had previously thought. I am moving on at my pace and in light with the purpose set out for my life. No more comparisons to others hence no more spinning wheels.


Under the Blankets


Have you ever opened your bed and got in only to shiver? Yes, under the blankets it’s often very cold. All day we have been out and made things happen and then we get ready for bed and jump in then wah….it is cold. I used to wonder how to counter this. Year in year out I shuddered then I came across a couple of solutions:
1. Wear full pyjamas
2. Wear socks
3. Sit on your bed for a while before you get in

I have found that option 3 works best for me. You see, by the time I get in the sheets are warm and I can fall asleep immediately. Unlike a friend of mine who takes an hour to sleep, I like to be out in a couple of minutes tops. A warm bed does it for me.

This got me thinking about relationships. Yes, relationships. I am talking about all relationships; family, work, church, friends….any relationship in your life. How do we meet people? Do we just meet them and jump in expecting to hit it off immediately? Do we cover up our vulnerabilities slightly and sit close? Do we approach people from a safe distance and slowly but surely get to know the people before you get comfy?

I am the classic slow sit in bed kind. I never really jump in deep. Yet based on who I M, it is easy to chat and get to know people as we sit together. Of course in life I have been heart broken severally because I have assumed that the rest of the world is like me and so my expectations have been really great. As you may have guessed by now that I have experienced very deep heart ache and disappointments time and time again.

So this got me thinking and I eventually realised the pressure I was putting on people. Pressure? Of course, I wanted people to do things in a certain way, connect with me in a certain way and reach out in a certain way. Lol…as if we are all clones….Eventually though, I grew up 🙂 and learnt to let go of my expectations and learn to live in peace and comfort. This hasn’t been a piece of cake but what good thing in life comes easy? Right?

In a recent discussion with one of my friends I shared that I had reached a point in life where I no longer carry bile for people or hold grudges. In a swift rejoinder I was aptly corrected. Clarity came when my friend said that what had actually happened was that I had stopped carrying people. As we spoke, indeed I realised that he was right.

I realised that it was indeed a gradual process and I had grown up and matured over a period to get there. Most of this growth happened in the midst of great challenges that could have broken me or made me stronger. I bet you can guess which way the scale tipped. :-). Several things had to happen for this level of maturity and reality to take root as follows:
1. I had to accept myself as I am, as a special unique creation of God
2. I had to define my life, purpose, needs and path
3. I had to get comfortable in my own skin and live there gracefully
4. I had to realise that no one can be changed so I must accept them as they are so that they can accept me as I am
5. I had to release everyone from my expectations

This process is still on going but I have already found great peace, freedom and productivity. Changing the game plan for getting under the blankets has changed the way my life plays out. I am free, I am real, I am stress free.

How about you?

Fully Reliant

Faith Tabernacle

October 18, 2013


Rely on Me, says the Lord, for I am your strength when you feel weak and unable to rise to the occasion.  When you cannot raise yourself up, let Me lift you up.  Nothing is too difficult for Me.  Believe that I will intervene on your behalf and do that which is beyond your human energy or ability to achieve.  Your faith will make it possible.

Mark 11:22 So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.”


I borrowed this from a post by Ms. Gloria Muthoka…a great artist and writer 20.10.13

Two days ago, 7 o’clock found me on the road having woken up early to get home to catch up with a cousin who was to be travelling out of Nairobi. Well, of course at that hour, all the busy people seem to be on the road – dropping kids at school, getting to work and everything these busy people do at that hour of the morning every day of the week. As I sat in the car, I was getting comfortable with the debate in my mind about whether I missed this kind of ‘busyness’ or not, when I realized that there was an infusion of red everywhere.

Little pudgy red, skinny red, slow moving red, red skipping all over the place, some red tugging at a bigger hazier pale colour and then some grey and white. As I zoned back in it all quickly came into focus, children being walked to school. Children of all shapes and sizes in these BRIGHT red cardigans. I smiled at the boy with the big shorts that seemed to wear him, at the little girl with a skirt all the way to her little feet, at the children that happily tried to race their mother to school, at the calm girl as walked quietly with her help, at the boy whose mother was shouting as he recklessly crossed the street and at the boy that gestured wildly as he spun his tale.

As I continued to watch these children and adults around me, I noticed that there was one common thing – most of the adults held the tiny hands firmly and guided them along (ok, at times it looked like dragging). I couldn’t help but think about how God holds each of our hands and guides us along the school of life. The best thing about Him is that he doesn’t leave us at the massive daunting gate; He comes to class with us.


Truly we can rely on Papa because He never leaves us alone

Today I had the awesome opportunity to share my story with fellow entrepreneurs at the Strathmore Business School and I am indebted to them for insights galore. Sharing the journey to where I am seemed so insignificant and simple to me but at the end of it I stood amazed to see the impact through the eyes of others. So I am here to share the lessons others learnt from a simple conversation we had. My greatest opportunity for me today was to learn from myself (now that is a paradox).

As a wrap up to our sharing some of the lessons learnt are:

Failure is a stepping stone

Faith is an anchor

Trust is important to success

Do not wear yourself out doing everything – preserve self

image Boldly ask for help – you cannot do it all

Think your vision, write it down and then share it with others

Know yourself

Define yourself and life

Be clear about what you say, people are bound to hear what they understand

Set your priorities well I was and still am humbled by the lessons picked.

There were many more observations that I cannot catalogue all here.

It is interesting that life has a way of telling us that there are chances to influence people wherever we are and with whatever we have.

As I prepared I had wondered what I would share and I had also wondered if there would be impact on my listeners. It was in one divinely inspired moment that it isn’t about me on any level. It is about the desired impact of Papa that determines what happens and who responds to what I say.

I realise that there are opportunities all around and as long as I walk in the love and power of Papa and heed the directions given I will have greater impact than would be described. I look forward to being safe and sure in the arms of God and in the certainty that I am walking in truth. I stand amazed….