Today I had the awesome opportunity to share my story with fellow entrepreneurs at the Strathmore Business School and I am indebted to them for insights galore. Sharing the journey to where I am seemed so insignificant and simple to me but at the end of it I stood amazed to see the impact through the eyes of others. So I am here to share the lessons others learnt from a simple conversation we had. My greatest opportunity for me today was to learn from myself (now that is a paradox).

As a wrap up to our sharing some of the lessons learnt are:

Failure is a stepping stone

Faith is an anchor

Trust is important to success

Do not wear yourself out doing everything – preserve self

image Boldly ask for help – you cannot do it all

Think your vision, write it down and then share it with others

Know yourself

Define yourself and life

Be clear about what you say, people are bound to hear what they understand

Set your priorities well I was and still am humbled by the lessons picked.

There were many more observations that I cannot catalogue all here.

It is interesting that life has a way of telling us that there are chances to influence people wherever we are and with whatever we have.

As I prepared I had wondered what I would share and I had also wondered if there would be impact on my listeners. It was in one divinely inspired moment that it isn’t about me on any level. It is about the desired impact of Papa that determines what happens and who responds to what I say.

I realise that there are opportunities all around and as long as I walk in the love and power of Papa and heed the directions given I will have greater impact than would be described. I look forward to being safe and sure in the arms of God and in the certainty that I am walking in truth. I stand amazed….

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