#Christmas…the #SimpleThings

#Christmas is here. I love the buzz and the excitement all-around. It is in the music, the adverts, the movies, the food, the smells…it is literally in the air. It is time to reflect and think deep and learn something new from the life around me. christmas10

” I recommend two Christmas movies being ‘The Santa Claus’ and ‘The Santa Claus 2’ if you want a good laugh…I watched ‘The Santa Clause” with the big man…talk about having down time :-)… it was all  laughs and more laughs. Today the lil man and I watched “The Santa Claus 2…it was hilarious too. Let me bring you up to speed.  The two movies are about the life of Santa Claus. In the first movie, SC accidentally pushes Santa off the room and Santa dies so now SC must replace Santa or Christmas will fail. With many totally funny glitches SC is able to save Christmas and deliver all the gifts. In the second movie SC has to find a wife and get married before Christmas eve or all is lost again. With all this in play his only son is on the naughty list and is being bratty.  As he is back on earth looking for a solution for the marriage thing, a toy takes over the North Pole and upsets the balance. Now he has to find a wife, correct his son and save North Pole from enemy domination. As all good movies the good guy wins and Christmas is saved. however, what connects clearly is the need for people to believe in something and the joy and complete abandon with which the elves work.

Watching both movies was interesting because of intense energy around Christmas. There are palpable emotions and connections are real and this got me thinking. I watched as kids portrayed passion and adults became like children, then it struck me…Christmas is all about LOVE. The difference for most of us is what is the source of this love and how do we choose to express the love. #Christmas it is the best time of the year. It is a time to share love and give to others. I find that the real challenge is to do something for people who would otherwise be left on the side lines.

christmas7#Christmas is about following God’s example and giving from the depths of our hearts to people who would not have an opportunity or the ability to give back to us. It is about giving what people really need and not what we want to get back. This thought makes me think of the shepherds…yes the shepherds. Shepherds are the guys who spend all their time in the fields with the sheep. They are out in the field day and night and they are not necessarily the cleanest or freshest smelling group of guys. So imagine that they were among the first to hear from the angels that Christ had been born and even given directions to his birth place. They left the fields and the sheep to check this word out and they worshipped Christ for real.

This really got me thinking about life. So often we give gifts to people like us who will reciprocate one way or the other and make it up to us. We still go to children’s and old people’s homes to give gifts but most of the time it is only for that day and then we go home and forget to keep supporting and giving to those who cannot repay us. On the other hand, is suddenly became clear that Christ indeed came to and spent a lot of time with the common man. He focused on the needs of the people and the state of their hearts rather than the size of their wallets or ability to give back to him. I begun to ask myself what I believe about #Christmas and how I will ensure that all my beliefs are aligned.

So I chose to answer the question, what do I believe about Christmas?

  • #Christmas is about LOVE. The LOVE of God for man that He would send His only Son to live among us and be an advocate for us and save our souls.
  • #Christmas is about GIFTS. The greatest GIFT ever given in Jesus Christ the Son of God. He left heaven to come to earth christmas11and live among men. He chose to come down that he may ascend to greater heights.
  • #Christmas is about PEACE. PEACE on earth and goodwill to man. PEACE of mind to be true to our calling in Christ. PEACE with each other to live in harmony
  • #Christmas is about LIFE. New LIFE to be enjoyed with all those around us.

Indeed #Christmas is about the #SimpleThings…It is a time to share the love, gifts, peace and life that Christ has given us. When we do, life will never be the same again.





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