This beautiful picture is just one of many that have been shared at the start of a new year and all of them have stopped me in my tracks. They are clear, beautiful, eye catching, and speak volumes.

The pictures are a reminder that of days ahead. These days are opportunities to live and experience life to the fullest and they will be as wonderful as I expect them to be. They are a reminder that life is driven by what we believe and who we align to and with.

The beauty of nature reminds me of God’s greatness and His divine ability to bring to life those things that are not. It reminds me that if God took the time to create such beauty daily, then I am not a mistake and there is a divine plan for me. I stand in awe of Him because I have realised that without Him I can do nothing.

This year:
I dedicate my life afresh to Papa and purpose to follow faithfully and obediently.
I purpose to slow down and take time to smell the roses.
I purpose to be more grateful and gracious.
I purpose to grow.
I purpose to savour life like we savour a great desert

I know it won’t always be easy but I will keep walking because Papa’s promise is that He will never leave me nor forsake me. Faith has to become consistent and daily action. I am excited that 2014 provides another opportunity to grow and change.

What do you purpose to do this year?

(Photo courtesy of Moses Nderitu on the Jubilee Ride)

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