#SimplePleasures…wonderful people

I’m sitting here and I just thought to share some of the things that inspire me…I find myself thinking of the different people I meet along this way we call life. representative of God and His wonderful creation yet so diverse and different. Then I think of chocolate…the one thing that has always been the sweet gooey stuff that makes life better…well at least for me. There are so many different ways we can have chocolate just like there are many different people in our lives.

Celebrating different personalities of the people….

This the space for who are not as neat around the edges as we may want them to be yet they are sweet and wonderful on the inside according to plans of God

chocolate cake - Copy

hersheys york mint patties


Bliss has nothing on this one of deep flavour and rich peppermint goodness…this is the space for those with strong personalities and hence strong flavour to share with the world


chocolate cake3 - Copy




There is space in life for those who are totally put together and well balanced…those who most of us want to be like but aren’t that way



hersheys bliss mint2



There is room for the multi-coloured and multi-layer people…People who are able to transition from one side of the world to another

Whatever flavour you are and whatever colour you carry

Make the best of it, live your life to the fullest

Make sure that the world is touched and transformed by your presence

Leave the mark intended by God for you to leave on the world

Warm, glowing and wholesome is what is intended for you

You are a #SimplePleasure in the sight of God…made in His image and likeness

Live your life to bring Him pleasure and share His goodness with the world

Change your corner of the world for the pleasure of the King

A sweet and pleasing aroma only for Him

hersheys chocolate   dove chocolate - Copy      hersheys assorted - Copy


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