Living It Out Regardless

Jean found Daddy seated in the living room just after the guests had left for the day.

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

Hi Daddy,

Hi dear

Can I ask you a question?


What do I do on poor me days
What are those? The incredulous look on his face made it clear he didn’t understand her
Those are the days I’m feel sad and low
Like when?
The first day we spoke
You get up & do life
But I’m hurting & discouraged
I don’t have energy
I just want to sleep
What do I do?
Get up and do life!
What does that mean?
Do whatever it is God has asked you to do
But He’s not speaking
Really? Is it Him not speaking or you so lost in yourself that you can’t hear Him?

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

I’ll ask again, Is it Him not speaking or you are so lost in yourself that you can’t hear Him?
I don’t know
You need to find out.
How do you normally hear from God?
I pray
So what’s different now?
I’m feeling low & sad
I don’t feel like praying
And how does that help your life?
What do you mean?
How does not feeling like praying help your life? Does life get better or worse?
Because I don’t know what to do
So how does feeling bad & not praying help you?
It doesn’t
So get up and pray
But I don’t feel like
That’s besides the point really. In that state you are in, what do you need to do?
Feel better
Girl, I didn’t ask what you need to feel, I asked, what do you need to do?
Isn’t it the same thing?
No it’s not
If it’s not then I don’t know

How was he going to help this not so little girl understand that this walk is less about feelings and more about doing the will of God.
Let me be simple…You need to be sure that God is God regardless of where you are, how you feel or don’t feel and the

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

circumstances surrounding you
He is God!
So why are you ungrounded by a difficult time?
I don’t know I just am

That’s my precise point. If indeed He is God regardless of everything, even when you didn’t feel like praying or doing something you would do it because He has asked you to do it.

That sounds like being a robot

Hahahahaha…not really. It is called living it out regardless. When we walk with God, there will indeed be days when thigns aren’t going according to the plan that we will need to get past. Remember the story of Job?


The deceiver asked for permission to test him and so God took the hedge away


He lost everything that was worth living for in his day, his children, wealth, house, livelihood and even his health


His friends encouraged him to curse God and die


His wife foolishly decried God and encouraged him to do the same


Did he?


Was he hurting from all the loss and suffering?


So why didn’t he deny or curse God and die?

I don’t know…

Daddy saw right through her…Jean didn’t want to say the wrong thing so she evaded the question

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

Ok, let me put it another way, could he have wanted to forget God and just lash out at Him?


But he didn’t?


Any guess why?

He still believed in the supremacy of God?

Absolutely! It wasn’t easy for him at the beginning but Job must have got to the place where God was the only one he knew as reliable so he chose to serve God regardless.

So it was a choice?


Mmmmmmh…so he decided in his heart that no matter what happened there was more to this story than met the eye and he would trust God?

Now you are getting it.

So I must also decide in my heart that I must do the same?


Will it be easy?

Nope! Remember how you were feeling earlier? Did it feel good?


Yet, that is the best time to understand what you truly believe. Do you trust God only when things are going your way or do you trust every part of his plan? Are you able to understand that everything we walk through is part of the divine plan and is for our good?

It’s so hard

Only at first

What do you mean only at first?

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

Image Courtesy of Judy Niemeyer

The first time God creates room for you to go through something and you do, you begin to realise that everything can either lead you to or away from Him. Once you realise that you must choose which way to lean. Do you remain trusting Him only when things are good or do you trust Him regardless?

I have a choice?

Absolutely! Remember that the choice you make determines how your life unfolds. Chose to believe and your faith with be solid strong and unshakeable. Choose to doubt Him when it is hard and your faith will be as weak as a house of straw. You must decide.


It’s nothing to do with a perfect life… It has all to do with peace in the midst of the storm… Sleeping in the boat like Jesus #Rest @dorieclaire

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