God is our ultimate love and the greatest joy in our lives. He created us as social beings and He guides us through the people around us. God is our balance in life and this balance happens when we spend time with Him. He will speak to us, challenge us, and provide the insight needed to know who to approach and who to stay away from. He will lead us and walk with us even in the hardest places and in the nicest places. He won’t leave us alone; He will be our comfort and leader. He is consistently walking with us; the harder paths are manageable because of His grace, leading and peace. He is our ever present help! He is with us no matter whether it is sunny, smooth sailing or in the middle of the valley of the shadow of death.

I have found Him with me even in times when I don’t know how to go ahead. I have looked back and seen He was by my side when I was walking in the deepest darkness. I have known Him when I was lonely and lost. I have known Him in the times of greatest joy. I have known His hand in the middle of the storm or in the deepest fear. I have seen His provision when I didn’t know where to go. I have understood His purpose in hindsight even when the process wasn’t what I had anticipated.

When He says ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you,’ He means it in ways our human hearts cannot even begin to understand. The only way to unpack what He means is to spend time with Him; to find our individual rhythm with Him.

Finding our rhythm in God is a call to dance; a call to dance with the maker. Imagine that…Dancing with our maker! This call is out of this world. It is the call to find and live out our full potential. It is the call to live joyful and content all our days in spite of and despite whatever is going on around us. It is a call to do all the things set out for us, the way that is set out and with those we are set out to walk with. It is a call to see the world as He sees it and respond to it as He desires we do. It is a call to understand that there is no greater way to live life than to live it for Him.

This dance of life isn’t business as usual. It isn’t the thing you have always done and the way you have always lived. It is intentional living and moving according to instruction. It is finding the right path and walking in it. It is a deliberate choice to understand His heart for you and to know that you are important to Him. It is the focus to make it to the established place in His scheme of things.

As we approach this dance, we need to ask ourselves pertinent questions:

  1. Do we know what dance we are in? There are many types of dance like breakdance, hip hop, ballet, ballroom dancing, traditional dancing…the list is endless. Each type of dance demands specific skills and dedication. This begs several questions; Are we in a definite relationship with God? Have we accepted His offer of salvation? We cannot dance with Him if we haven’t made the choice to walk with Him and remain in a committed relationship with Him because we won’t be on the same page.
  2. Do we have the right shoes? Shoes are critical to dancing! One cannot tango in ballerina flats or breakdance in two-inch heels or ice skate without the right boots. The wrong shoes make dancing challenging and impossible. They also make it easy to fall and get injured. The right shoes make or break our capacity to dance just like the right attitude of the heart makes or breaks our lives. Does the desire to dance closely with our maker make us ensure our hearts are right with God? Do we have a relationship with God? Can we stand tall in faith? Are we certain that we are connected with God for life?
  3. Are we in tune with the music? A wise friend recently said that we tune to the music, the music doesn’t tune to us. This means that the music won’t change itself because we cannot keep time. The music won’t change from Lingala to the waltz just because I waltz during a Lingala song. One can’t decide to do techno moves to a Lingala song without looking totally confused. Being in tune with God is like being in tune with the music. It will enable us to receive instructions and encouragement. Being in tune with God means that we are better able to accomplish what concerns us. Are we in tune with God’s voice, heart and ways?
  4. Are we in sync with our dance partner? Dance partners must move together or do a terrible dance routine. Dance partners cannot be out of sync because it will cause all kinds of challenges. Imagine that there is a technical lift or jump and the two dancers are not moving together. The lead could spin out of line and not catch their partner leading to a fall and possibly catastrophic injury. Being in synch comes from spending time together practicing; going over the moves, repeatedly until they are second nature. How much time do we spend with our beloved so that we are in total sync? Do we understand the heart of our God? Do we know who He is and how He leads? Do we know His voice? Do we understand His heart and His passions? Do we trust Him to catch us, move in time with us, to speed us up in preparation for a special move or slow us down to heal? Are we in sync with Him?
  5. Are we looking at our partner? When dancing with a partner, it is important to keep eye contact and not look around or there will be mishaps and missteps. Are we focused on our partner or are our eyes wondering  what others have? Are we thinking about the next move or about the things we haven’t received or want and don’t know how to get? Do we trust him even in a particularly hard turn or He has to throw us in the air? Do we trust Him to catch us? Do we spot our turns with Him?
  6. Do we need to learn some new moves? Keeping on track means that we are constantly learning and changing and getting better. Are we at the very best or can we improve? Are there moves that would dramatically improve our dance abilities? Who can teach us and upgrade us? Who is the inspiration for the next level of growth? Do we listen to our partner and follow carefully?

Shall you dance? Will you step up to this intense love relationship that God is offering? I know I have and I will.

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