Walk in My Steps


I am so tired of people asking me why I am the way I.

What do you mean?

Remember the first day when you asked me why I am so particular?

Yes! Even though I don’t want to accept I asked you that.

Well, everyone asks me those kinds of questions.

Is that so bad?

At times I get tired of answering them


Why not?

Just think about why you are getting worked up being asked why you are so different.

Do I have to have a reason?

Not really, but I am sure that there is a reason why you don’t like being asked.

I don’t know

That’s not true

So you are now in my mind and know what I am thinking?

Nope! I just sense you know the truth and you aren’t willing to face it.

What do you mean?

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are redeemed. You are appointed. You are delivered. You are changed. So because of this and so much more you are different from others and you will attract attention and you will be asked why you are all these things.


So, when someone asks you a question like why are you different? What answer do you give? Do you cook something in your head about where you have been in this life and the things you have gone through or do you just accept that it is your Heavenly Father and then share the things HE has taught you?

What do you mean?

You are a product of the things you have been through in life right?


Which things changed you the most and which do you talk about the most?

My upbringing

Are those truly the most life changing?

Maybe not!


Ok…to be honest they aren’t the most life changing.

What is the most significant thing in your life?

The day I met God and begun walking with Him?

So that is why you are different.

How can I be so different and there are so many others around me who walk in his ways?

It is all dependant on how yielded we all are to Him.

Are you saying that some of us are more yielded than others?

That isn’t ours to judge.

How and you are the one who has brought it up?

Let me put it another way.


Have you done everything you have agreed with God to do?

Well, most of the stuff.

Why not all?

Some of the things are crazy.

But He is God and can help you do all those things.


So go ahead and do them then when they are done, ask Him for the next instruction. You need to be so busy walking with Him and following instructions that you don’t have enough time to sit and wonder what is wrong with people and how they are walking. He will raise people for you to walk with either physically or in prayer and when you are done walk on and do the next thing with Him.

So you are saying I should ignore people around me?

Not at all. I am saying that you need to focus on the things God has brought to mind.

What if someone brings something to my attention?

Pass it by your filter of God and he will show you the level of importance you need to give it if at all.

Are there things people will bring to me that I shouldn’t focus on?

Of course!

How do I deal with that?

The same you do everything else…ask God then do what he says.

Are you saying that even at work that should be the way I do things?

Absolutely! Everything has a level of importance and it should be accorded the right level. God will work out what you need to do when you involve Him and everyone will understand the time taken.

You mean He can shield me from my supervisor?

Only if you are working on His schedule and plan.

So you want me to ask Him even about my work and life and only do what He says to do so that I can be successful in everything?

No! I challenge you to put God in the centre and see how he makes all things work our for your good no matter what it looks like to others.

You mean His good may not look good to others?

That is possible depending on your definition of good.


When you understand that good in God’s plan can be something man may think is bad. If He knows that a certain challenge will move you to the place he needs you for the next assignment he will bring that challenge.

Then what?

When you understand that His plan is good, you begin to ask different questions. Instead of why, you would probably ask what is your purpose here? How can I glorify you here? How do we walk this road? Will you please hold my hand and guide me here? Am I walking as you desire of me?

Is that really possible?

Yes it is. It is a position we learn to take and believe and understand that God is faithful.

That is a hard one….i need to think about it


Are there things in life that aren’t making sense about God? Ask Him! His answer may not be the one you want but He is right beside you.


Life Anthems

Life is dynamic. Things can change at a moment’s notice and plans you had can turn on their heads and never be right again. Things could go so well that you are surprised and flustered at the same time. In my view, there is nothing good or bad in life unless God calls it that.

In this season of dynamic change, I have realized many things about life. Life is nothing without God. There is nothing to live for without God. There is only darkness in my way without God. There is no joy or laughter without God. Solutions are neither fulfilling nor lasting without God. My belief in God is pegged on me and him and not what others think about him. The best measure of who I am and who I will become is in God.

Suffice it to say…there is nothing worth living without God. There are songs that are appointed to be the theme of a season. In my current season, one of the anthems is Without You – Artist: Shekinah Glory Ministry

I have heard this song many times before but in this season it has come alive in ways I will try to explain. The journey thus far has been interesting and hard all in one. It has been a season to choose between what looks normal and the word God has spoken to me over the years. I have had to choose between what used to make sense to my mind and what I would want and the spoken word of God. It has been a time when I have spent time evaluating the path he has set me on and made the choice to keep walking with him.

I have made the choice so surrender everything and hold nothing back from him. Left room for him to do what he wants even when I hurt and for a while it hurt then I realized that nothing he does is malicious or intended to hurt me. I realized that it hurt to let go because I was holding on too tight.

If only I could be like Abraham who in the hardest moment of his life when God asked for his son he trusted God no matter what. Or could I be like David who was told he would be king but he was hunted down like a dog by his best friend’s father yet when his hunter died, he wept for him and kept his word to his best friend. Or be like Hosea who under instruction married a harlot because it was God’s instruction and went out after her over and over. Or be like Mary who in the face of a possible stoning for infidelity declared that her son was divinely conceived and trusted God to lead her to the safe delivery of the same.

I am fully convinced that without God…none of these things would have been possible in the lives of these men and women and the course of history would have been different. So it got me thinking…what do I need to understand about life that will allow me to be all I need to be and leave the legacy that I was created to leave? I came fully loaded with everything I need for the divine purpose on my life however, great choice he has set before me is to connect fully with him and allow him to work through me.

Truly, without God, I am nothing. I am who He says I am, I am becoming who HE said I will become. So without Him…I can’t live, I can’t move, I can’t function….


Without You – Shekinah Glory

Without You (life would be full of sorrow and pain)
Without You (there would be no sunshine after the rain)
Without You (my life would simply go down)
Without You (there would be no cross or even no crown)

Can’t live, (move) can’t move, (function) can’t function (without you in my life) without you in my life x2

Without You (there would be no grace and no mercy)
Without You (Lord, my life would be simply empty)
Without You (there would be no hope for a brand new day)
Without You (couldn’t be able to find the words to say)

Can’t live, (move) can’t move, (function) can’t function (without you in my life) without you in my life. X4

Oh Lord, You were the reason why I can reach up and touch the sky
You are my everything x2
Lord, You pick me up, whenever I’m down. I’m so happy that you’re around.
You are my everything x2
Lord, please don’t let me go. Oh Lord, I love you so.
You are my everything x2
I can’t live, I can’t move, I can’t function without your love.
You are my everything.

(I can’t live) Can’t live, (I can’t move, no) can’t move, (I can’t function) can’t function (without you in my life) without you in my life. X4


What is your Foundation?