All These Things 


To seek first the Kingdom is all about realigning with God and then all these things will be added. The seeking still remains the primary place of connection and above. Additionally, the seeking has to be for His glory and purpose not as a precursor to receiving. Only when we seek Him right and connect aright will He move on to the addition of things.

The important thing to note is that the added things come because the ALL of me is aligned to Him. It is often said that I am human and I can make mistakes but is my heart and life in a constant state of aligning and realigning? Am I always aware of where I stand and what I am working towards in reference to becoming all Jesus has said I can be? I have to come to the place where He can trust me with important things and to follow instruction expressly and fully before He can trust me with wealth, position, authority and influence. The intention of this is to ascertain that nothing will not change me or taint His work in me.

All these things come from a place of trust. He has to trust that the things:

  • Will not taint me
  • Will not turn my eyes from Him
  • Will produce more of Him
  • Will be used to further His plan
  • Will be a showcase of rising above and dealing with humanity
  • Will draw other men unto Him
  • Will be a point of rescue and redemption for others

I could never attain any of this by myself and He has to be the one who works it out in me. So I must continually seek Him that He may daily produce Himself in me that I may rise above my humanity and fully diminish that He rises in me I become all He saw in me before the foundations of the earth.

I so long for the daily revelations of God because it is the only way to press in and check whether I am on the right track and whether He can trust me with more revelation. Am I living out what has already been given? Am I a good representation of Him and His word? Is my life become a story that others can read and come to know Him?

Do you desire this place of freedom like I do? Do you desire this certainty of His work in you? Let’s walk together and enjoy His leading daily

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33 NKJV


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