Time For The Important

We make time for what is important.”
A friend said to another one day,

‘Show me how you spend your time and I’ll tell you what is important to you.’

Yes, the things we spend our time on show who we are, what we place value on and where we want to be in life. It is so simple. This realisation has made me think long and hard. Take a moment and just think about your life and let me know what you find.

Look around you, do you have people around, lots of work and many good things going on but still haven’t reached the place you desire to? Are you unhappy with how things are going and crave a certain place with certain kinds of relationships that give you value yet nothing is coming forth? Is your heart at rest? Have you become all you know you are meant to be?

  • It really comes down to the things we are spending time on and that raises many questions.
  • What is important?
  • Who is important?
  • Which things would change our current path?
  • What one thing could you change that would blow your life onto the right orbit?
  • Where would you start and where would you end?
  • Have you given the right things prominence?
  • Are you focused on the things that are important to you?

Take the time to really ponder and the answers in your heart may just shock you.

For a long time I was bound by the way things should be and the expectation that people would notice what I was doing and pat me on the back for it. I wanted to be noticed. I was spending all my time on the things that culture and religion defined as important and little to no time listening to the voice of God. I hoped for things, did all sorts of good things, decreed and declared, praised my way through but I was still stuck, lost, things didn’t change. I plateaued over and over till I was absolutely furious with myself and life.

Yes, don’t be surprised…I was mad like a bee that has been swatted or a wasp that was hungry. Why was I mad? Don’t you get it? I wanted more and life was giving me nothing. Nada! It didn’t matter how long I worked, things started somewhere and then plateaued. It was as if I was cursed. LOL! That is honestly how I felt. I felt earthbound because I was meant to be an eagle but here I was pecking in the dirt like an emu.

Then I learned that I must listen to God; really listen with all of me until I could clearly hear Him for myself and allow His word to wash over me and become the very fabric of who I am. I also had to allow Him, not society or culture, only HIM to define who I am according to how He created me to be, what or who is important, how to engage with each person, what each needs from me, what I need from each, how much to give or receive from each and then act on it in my secret place.

Yes, work on it in the secret place where no one sees therefore no one can applaud. 
I sat down and held my head! What? Really? Ok! I had never known just how important applause was for me until this day and it terrified me.

I had to understand that the things I do, the people I look out for and the life I live is so ONLY because God has said it, I have accepted it and no one is watching. Yes, no one is watching and it doesn’t matter. Suddenly I was free to live without regret or frustration because I now had access to an infallible radar and rudder. I begun to seek His path and desire that everything I did or didn’t do was a direct response to His instruction and whether others responded or not I was good.

I realised that if I did things for recognition I would fail miserably and never achieve everything God sent me here to do. Additionally, the day I did something for anyone and told about it for recognition or wondered what others thought about me, I would have done that for me and not for Him yet my life must be all about Him ONLY. I chose to remain true to Him only.

The most important thing to me now is what God has said and how He has said it should be brought to life and affect the world. He decides how He packages it and I become the showcase of it. It is about following instructions in absolute trust and obedience no matter how strange or daunting it may be. The beginning or change has been interesting but as we persist together His nature is increasing as mine is decreasing and we are walking down the road.

It is about the will of Jehovah. In time I have come to understand that as trust grows on both ends so does the grace to be all He has set me out to be. As I trust Him more He gives me more; As He trusts me more, I grow more…it is a never ending cycle.

May our hearts be Truly tuned to God on how to love and engage with the world around us in ways that will honour Him always!



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