Beautiful Pain.

A while ago I stepped up the workout and entered the unknown. I opened up the app and it said Paleo Run. I thought, ‘Ok, not too bad they look simple enough,’ and I started. Wah! In the middle I wanted to quit but my Father kept asking me ‘What do you think you are doing?’ So I kept trudged on.

A few days later I switched the routine again and felt like my body was shaking, burning and crashing all in one. Oh I needed wisdom to understand this one. My God! How is it that my body is complaining so hard yet You had asked me to step it up? My body is on fire from the inside and relief only comes when I stopped the workout. Yet I could hear within me, ‘Just finish!’ So I slogged, dragged, crawled, clawed and finished, and I am not being dramatic. You should have seen me collapsed on my exercise mat once I was done…it was a sight!

In theory I had heard people say they hurt after workouts but oh I had never experienced it myself. I have worked out before and lost weight and gained definition but the pain I have felt as I have stayed the course and increased the intensity is totally new. Coach said it is normal so I went online to read and found it is true. Ok, did I doubt him? Tihihi…for a bit because I couldn’t get that this pain was good for me. In fact when I mentioned the aches and pain, his response was ‘Good!’ Like really? How now? Sometimes I think he is a slave driver then I remember how I asked God for help and he sent coach so I relent.

As I searched I found out that it is important to keep switching up my workout so that my body doesn’t get used to it and slow down. This reminded me of Ma’s workout that was so diverse every day. If you follow her thread, it is such a diverse mix of stuff that blows my mind. As I paid closer attention I realised that she too talked about the pain, and the shakes as did my sister Mandarina. Aha!!!! I am not abnormal! I even found the hashtag #pushingpastthepain and found I am not alone in this journey.

You should have seen me dance and embrace the pain. Embrace it in the sense that this was part of the process to let go of the old form and sculpt a new form. It was part of the process to move from the old me to a new and better me. Oh there have been days when in the middle I ask myself what I was thinking and answer that it is all about obedience to God. Other days I want to just cry and give up but when I stop I hear my heart ask, ‘You are actually going to give up?’

My body has refused to let me quit even when every muscle is screaming. My body has decided she is on track to the prize laid out for her by her Father so I align and connect to that path fully and joyfully because this is the road to victory. It got me thinking…what else do I need to change and shift in other areas of my life. you see, I don’t believe this process is only about my health and fitness. I have come to see that it is a precursor for a life of #NoExcuses and #NoLimitations going forward.

IMG20180116184928.jpgSo Father, what else do I need to see that I need to grow and stretch and hurt through to become a better version of me for you? what other areas of growth are there for me to move through? How does this process intertwine with the other processes around me? Please help me see the real depth of what you are doing inside me and walk with you diligently as  you change me despite the pain of the change. Have you way!

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