Because of water? Really?

Consistent exercising? ✔️ Eating right ✔️. Getting better at it daily ✔️.

A rhythm is now going and I’m getting more comfortable daily. Hah! What I mean is that the desire and capacity is growing and totally consistent. Yet sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work.

So after a late night and skipped dinner because it was late and I don’t eat late, I had a slow start to the day and many other challenges so I didn’t work out and hence there is no post for coach to see when he came online. By now you know he doesn’t take things too easy so of course he asked about it and I was trying to ignore the situation.

Have you worked out today?



I had a late night yesterday, skipped dinner and a slow start today so I am tired.

Ahaaaa! Not too happy with the lack of meals. I understand the circumstances but you need to do better.

I was tired because of the late night as mentioned.

I know that and understand the circumstances but doesn’t someone lives by the credo #NoExcuses.

I haven’t made a decision but for now I am seated watching telly. That said, minds can be changed you know?

I’ll hold you to that you know?

I do!

By the way, what’s your water intake?

At least 1.5 daily.

1.5 glasses?

Eish!! No!! Litres.

Ah, ok. What’s your goal?

2 litres daily

Ok, today’s intake?

Almost 1litre.

Almost? Is almost now a measurement?

Eish…what is the problem? Can’t he just be cool and leave me alone? Why is he so pushy? Surely I could do with a break for one day but coach is unrelenting. He’s making life so hard! I realised that God is doing more by allowing His son to keep pushing me. If this isn’t the real deal, what is the real deal?

Then it struck me…there was indeed more. What is really going on inside me that I am so cranky and getting more worked up than necessary in the face of simple questions? What am I refusing to deal with? Did I even want to face it? I was cranky because I knew that my water consumption wasn’t up to scratch and I needed to do something about it. It was a case of defensive because I didn’t want to deal with the matter.

Was I doing the same thing to God? Was I shutting down things that I needed to be facing so I would go to the next phase? Was I walking away from things that would make me grow? Was I asking the right questions? Why was I doing this?

Simple! I wanted to hedge my position of new and dominant. I wanted to remain relevant. I wanted to know the strength of loving my body enough to do what is best for it even when I don’t want to and avoiding feelings when asked where I am or how come you haven’t called me.

calm-2315559_1920The water issues was an indication of something bigger deeper on the inside that must be captured and dealt with decisively. I have since asked God for a new perspective of water and have seen it. Small things like when to start drinking, how to stave off hunger, when to listen to my body and when to ignore it, how often to ask for help when I feel I am losing it…ask for help on everything.

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