It Wasn’t About That…

Oh I have always loved thick juice so smoothies weren’t a stretch too far from there. I learnt to make smoothies about three years ago and as often as I could I had one at home. This day I went to one of the hot spots in town and they add so much ice into theirs it waters it down completely so I stopped having them when I was out.

Imagine the day when I was told to add green smoothies to my life. My first response was eeewwww! Hahahaha! I entertain myself sometimes. How could I even add that to my life? Get this…raw spinach or sukuma (kale)…no way! No way…tell me something else but not raw spinach. I love raw vegetables but raw spinach or Sukuma…no way!!! Off I stomped!

Two days later the thought not only came back but a link was highlighted for me to see a seven day green smoothie challenge. It is called Simple7 and this time however, it wasn’t a suggestion, rather it was an instruction and there was no way getting around it, so I signed up and received an interesting ebook. What was interesting about the book? It was simple to read and short. Oh and it had lots of pictures.

The ingredients weren’t  too bad and I can find most of them around at a reasonable price or easily substitute for the ones I couldn’t find. Please note I am still thinking ewwww! I still want to hold my nose in anticipation that it will taste and smell bad. Hehehehehehe! Shock on me!!! The mango and banana made the smoothies tasty, smooth and oh so lovely. The added benefit is the support group on Facebook that makes it easier and better. So I joined and I realised I wasn’t the only one who had never done a green smoothie, I wasn’t the only one who was just starting. I wasn’t the only one who was learning.

Now I am in love with those smoothies. Many people around laugh whenever I talk about my smoothies because of the joy they see I have found in them. The thing that has surprised me is the number of questions and shocked looks I get when I post the pictures online. There is interest and disbelief in equal measure about the ingredients and the frequency I take them. A couple of people have even asked if I could make and deliver to them.

If I am honest with myself, the smoothies have really helped. Not only do they give that satisfying feeling with less but I have noticed my digestive system is more efficient when I am regular on the smoothies. For those two benefits, I will continue on this path. Yet there are bigger things in play here.

I had judged the idea of smoothies to be unsavoury. I had judged the situation to be below me. I had determined that I would never ever take a smoothie that wasn’t really sweet and flavourful not knowing that a green one could be just that. So what else is God asking me to do that is good for me but on the outside doesn’t look as pretty? What do I need to shift my mind about and just do before I experience the goodness of the benefit? How must I be from today onwards to become all that He has said I am?



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