Start Where You Are…

We are never at our best when we start but it is possible to get past that.  Think of Why you want to lose weight or get fit; what you want to change (lose belly, more energy, better shape…etc); What you want to look like (smaller but still curvy); and how you want to feel (lighter, energetic, younger etc) then set a smaller goal to achieve….

My current journey is a result of 5 years of saying I will, starting and stopping and achieving nothing…absolutely nothing because I expected to fail and so I failed miserably. In Dec I had a casual conversation with a friend who offered to help but I had to choose my goals, set my targets, then tell him and he will hold me to account.

I honestly didn’t expect much because this was a familiar road of failure and I knew the excuses I would give. He listened each time I gave an excuse and responded with a firm answer and encouragement each time and of course the reminder that these goals were mine not his so all he had to do was ask. I began doing things so I didn’t disappoint him and it worked for a while. One day after binge eating…he asked me.. *Are you stronger than food or is food stronger than you?*

That was all the trigger I needed. I reminded myself that I am doing this for me, because I want to operate at optimum and make things work out better. So I shifted from making coach happy with the work out to is my body happy with this workout? Have I done all I could do to milk these few minutes? Is my food helping my body? Etc.

I must confess there are days when I don’t do it all the way I want to do it (like all the bread I have eaten recently) but I no longer wallow in guilt, rather I ask what I need to do to make this right.

It is a process that changes your body, mind and spirit if you allow it because it reveals the things you tell yourself and the responses you give. Accountability helps because initially coach would ask about my workout, now I send it in voluntarily…of course I also want him off my case some times.

The point is to decide to start…just start where you are; with what you have; for a reason that is dear to your heart. The rest comes one day at a time; an instruction at a time.


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