Why again?

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What is so important about a why?

So many things but I will only name a few. It is the fire in your belly. It is like fuel for the flight. It is the rain after a long dry spell. It is the reason you get up at 5am and head to work out. It is the strength to workout after a long day. Bottom line…it is the reason you keep going.

Last week I found it a little challenging to keep going because work was extremely busy and my energy levels weren’t all that yet I found that when I started working out my body would ask for the kind of intensity it is used to. I found that when my mind wanted to give up I would remember that the reason for the journey and was no longer fainthearted.

The funniest was on Sunday when I served my guests chocolate covered doughnuts and posted the picture on my Facebook page. It was tasty and enticing but I only ate half a doughnut and remembered it takes a 6 mile run to burn those calories. One of my young people said that I should be reported to coach. Hahahaaha was all I said was of course I had already told him I’d eaten the doughnut.

Nothing can stand in the way of my why unless I let it

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That is the greater lesson for this season. I learnt that my reason for starting down this path has to be so deeply rooted that I don’t question it or lose heart when the going gets tough. Rather I lean in and press harder and push my body to achieve all that God has set out for me to do. It has become the fire in my belly, the reason I keep going; the strength in my weary hands, tired legs, aching muscles. It can be the same for you.

We all have different why’s and so even if we are walking together to achieve the goals we set, we are on the path for entirely different reasons. I need to lose weight to live in obedience and function at optimum, coach works out regularly to reach a certain strength and lift a certain load as he releases stress and copes with life, Emma wants to lose weight to live longer and raise her children, Joy must lose weight to retain her job…the list is endless.

In the end, the central thing is a strong why!

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So strong and so big that it challenges you all the way. Know that your why will evolve with your process. It will become bigger and stronger as you become bigger and stronger because to remain with a small goal is to remain stuck.

Set a strong why based on a clear word from God and see how He will fuel you.


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