Help…I’m struggling

There were times when I would falter because I didn’t know what to do and that got me down so I wouldn’t work out. Food was never a challenge because I had been looking out on what to eat for many years I just needed to find the right combination but that is a story for a later date.

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I set a simple goal and chose to follow through.

I set the goal to work out three to five days a week but could barely get beyond a few minutes of workout. I was so unfit that I got really sore and hurt at every turn. I couldn’t do squats or lunges without pain. I couldn’t even do one burpee…still a challenge for me because of the jumping. I could barely do much but the inner drive to do something kept me going. After many unsuccessful attempts at consistency, I chose to do just seven minutes of exercise every day of the week until I gained strength.

Oh boy!!! It was like pulling teeth daily as I repeatedly over stretched muscles and could barely get up or bend for days on end. On one day, I pulled my hamstrings and didn’t stretch them well so the pain was unreal. As usual, it came to check in time the next day and oh my word…

Did you work out today?

Nope! I replied rolling my eyes.


I hurt my hamstrings so couldn’t do much.

Did you stretch after yesterday’s workout?

Yes but maybe not fully

Let me ask,


Is it pain or soreness in the muscle?

What’s the difference?

Pain is so bad you cannot move and soreness is more like stiffness because of use


That too shall pass. I will send you a link to a good stretch.

It was initially hard to understand why Coach was being so relentless because I wanted someone to understand that I was tired. It was as if he had tunnel vision and was always asking about my workout and accountability. Several times, I just wanted to give up but every time I was about to, my goals came to mind.

My goals were often the one thing that would get me going again.

How? Well, when I remembered how much weight I needed to lose, how nimble I wanted to be and how much more energy I wanted, it became the fire I needed in my belly. When I understood that I was on the path to a lifestyle change and not a fad I was able to keep working out as I needed to.

Hands down, even if I disliked it at times, one of the best things I have is accountability. I have Coach, my lil man and my sister keeping me on track and watching me lest I start to falter so they can come alongside and cheer me on. Often I had to ask for help and it came in different ways. It came as kind words from Coach, a harsh rebuke from him, a loving prod from my sister in the form of the right food in the kitchen and celebration from lil man when the digits on the scale went down.

I was glad I did the mad thing and asked for help.

What help you ask?  The help to start the plan, to keep going, to believe it would work, to keep growing in the fullness and realities God has set ahead of me. I had the solid prod from God based on our conversations that brought Coach along. I had the daily bodily challenge that helped me settle into knowing that I would succeed and attain the mark set out for me no matter what.

In time, it has become second nature to do the daily work for God’s honour and glory. Yet He says we aren’t done and this isn’t the only area He is targeting to change. So I press on aware that there is an increase awaiting me ahead that will be borne out of working with God.

Press in with me and attain the mark set up for you!

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