Laser Sharp; Eyes Ahead

I had never really understood how we dissipate the energy to keep to the process until I heard this…

Don’t pay lip service to what lifestyle should be speaking, don’t let your lips talk what your life should be living. Let your life live and your lips will follow one day. If you start talking you will never live it out because the pressure to live it out will be dissipated by the words we speak. Intellect has the capacity to turn the words into convincing feelings that you are on the way yet it is only the mouth at work – Daddy Chigbo Neil Ndukwe

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My lifestyle should be producing certain results; there should be proof of my walk in my actions before it comes from the words of my mouth. When I looked back, it had always seemed simple enough to talk about all that is going on around me but I never knew I was actually reducing my personal capacity to become. Who would have thought that speaking would be a way for the body to think it is doing more than it is?

Remember I mentioned earlier that I wanted to get fit for a long time and had been losing momentum? I haven’t mentioned how introspective I am. I like to know what is going on and why things happen and I want to be sure I don’t repeat mistakes so I go back, look through things and think through them. Is there a pattern or connection? Could I do something different?

For so long I had talked about how I wanted to lose weight and get fit. I talked about how I would be the best and achieve things but that is all I did. Talk! I would set a start date and it would come and go without effort. I’d set targets and achieve nothing over and over. Fast forward to 2017 and the suddenness of process onset, I only spoke with one person about it and it was the one person who wouldn’t give me gap. Oh, God and I were talking all the time but He is the source of the dream so He kept the pressure on.

The difference this time was that I spent more time talking only with the people who were instrumental in the process than sharing with others what was going on. This is how we have made more progress. I spent more time cataloguing progress and overcoming challenges than talking about what I would do and that pushed me to a greater level of achievement and success. Daily it became clear that I had to keep my eyes on the prize and the prize was God’s instruction to me and nothing else.

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What was my reality? The less I talked the more I achieved and so now I understand my father’s words above.

The thing I have now understood is that once I choose the path of honesty, the next step is to keep working on the instruction; front and centre, no shifting or looking aside. Laser sharp focus on the task ahead. There is no room for a double mind, fear or doubt. There is no time to lose focus or else I will not reach the mark set out for me. That mark has to be important enough that it becomes the one thing I am committed to no matter what. Choice made, mouth closed!

Hindsight is the story I will tell from now on.

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