The Sugar Process!!

Strength is found in asking God to help and having people who keep me in check too.

Yes, I said people who will keep me in check. These are travel companions; people destined to be by my side and me by their side as we all rise into the fullness of who God says we are. These are people willing to seek God about me and ask all the hard questions I need to ponder and answer to trigger the next step. People who love me enough to keep me accountable and hold me close when I don’t have the strength to walk. Indeed, this is my walk and I must choose to remain in it but I need people I love enough to be totally honest with and ask hard questions too.

Why do I need people who ask questions?

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Questions are the key to really deal with the issues of life. They bring thoughts and emotions to the surface and show us what to deal with. I have found that the things that bring tears to our eyes or make us blazing mad are the things we need to deal with. When we add God to the equation it may feel like being between a rock and a tough stone with no escape but it ensures all things are dealt with making life smoother. God knows what can break us or make us mad but He needs us to depend on Him and rise above emotions and be fully dependent on Him.

It’s part of our training to be soldiers in His army.

The intention is to move our allegiance from the things we can do to the might and power of God and dependence on only those He has highlighted. The first step is to strip us of all their comforts and dependence on self and then build up total allegiance to and dependence on Him and His word including those assigned to us; think of the buddy system in the army. Yes, we are human and do have emotions but His intention is that we connect to His emotions, His heart, His mind, His people, His way. Remember how Jesus was mad about what people had done in the temple? He was upset about how people were dealing with God and His word not his own flesh.

Moses was angry when the Israelites wanted God’s presence yet when he left they turned and did their things that satisfied their flesh. He expressed God’s heart but broke the tablets… So he had to make a new one. I realised that when we express emotions outside God we cause harm to others.

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Emotions affect how we deal with life. They affect how we respond to everything including food, exercise, stress, joy and everything else. So I wonder, are my emotions causing the distraction by sugar? What is the trigger? How do I get past them and focus on the road ahead?

The support to deal and overcome is a guarantee; I just have to decide to deal and overcome.


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