You Are Just Perfect

We are conditioned very early about how the right size, the right fashion, make up choices, good hair etc. gets us the right kind of attention and makes us more appealing. There is nothing better than loving yourself but for many women this is a figment of imagination.

Often we aren’t aware of the intensity of the messages we hear about our weight, looks, dressing etc. or how they take root on the inside to make us insecure and leaving us feeling less than good enough if we don’t do certain things. Even more interesting is watching clothing sites. Have you ever noticed how good clothes look on the models and then when you see locals in the same outfits they don’t look as good? Oh it isn’t all of them because there are West African models whose photos are so beautiful they are used because of the great fit of the clothes.

The misfit is simply because our African girls are built differently.

I know this struggle very personally because I am two different sizes. Hahaha! Seeing is believing! For most of my life it has been hard to find clothes with the right fit. This made shopping such a nightmare because I couldn’t get dresses that fit so I would have to have my clothes tailored.

I remember going to a tailor who took measurements but when she begun the work she decided the measurements were wrong because no one can have a ten-inch difference between waist and hip measurement. Really? In a village not far from ours there are girls who are more than twenty inches hip and waist difference. In another instance, another designer was taking my measurements and suddenly he laughed. When I asked him what was up, he said he kept forgetting the last measurement because my dimensions are so diverse.

So why do clothes look so different on models from many of our African girls? Well, we are simply built super differently and need to take that into account. God did some really special work when He built African girls.

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Do you believe that you are so breathtakingly beautiful that God would create you the same way if He put you together?

I didn’t believe and it took a long time for me to understand it. Self-worth is a personal journey that coach highlighted today. ‘If you don’t believe in and love yourself it won’t matter what anyone says. They could tell you every day how hot you look but all you will hear is ………………….. nothing! The only way to get past it is to deal with the issues and learn to love yourself for who you and then the confidence will pour out of you.’

In my case, he was right. I had heard for many years what the dimensions of the perfect body were and I was past those dimensions by my thirteenth birthday so you can imagine how I felt about myself after that. It took a long time to find the root of the thoughts and deal with them so I was stuck in limbo. The journey of 2018 has made me deal with my perspectives and beliefs so many of the issues I had have dissolved in the face of God. He debunked my personal opinions and showed me His perspective and my jaw dropped.

He loves me just as I am; I am beautiful just as I am; He would never change how He made me.

What will it take for you to believe you are beautiful and everything about you is just perfect according to God’s plan? You are dearly loved.

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