Beloved… Come

It was an idle day waiting for my guests to arrive. We got to the airport early to beat traffic and get a parking close to the entrance. Who doesn’t like a short walk to the car especially if you know the guests have heavy boxes and you didn’t want them to push carts too far?

Scanning the crowd to pass time, I saw her… cute, simply dressed, calm in the sea of excitement, standing alone outside the terminal. She caught my attention because everyone else seemed to be in a group chatting away. Yet she stood alone on the sidelines, quietly watching, waiting and if you weren’t watching closely you’d miss her altogether. Every time a group of people came through the doors her eyes darted from face to face looking for a particular one and then she settled back into her quiet stance.

Then it happened. Just after a large group of travellers, a lone gentleman came out and was quickly engulfed by a circle of people all chatting and clamouring for his attention. He greeted each one all the while scanning the group as if looking for a particular face. Nope, not that one, or that one, or that one, or that one…on and on till the group was done and then he looked beyond them. Scanning faces in the crowd end to end oblivious of the chatter around him… Then he found what he was looking for.


Following his gaze, I was drawn back to the little lady I’d seen in the background. Suddenly he was standing in front of her, dwarfing her by a foot, suddenly silent before her as if requesting her permission to approach. A single tear rolled down her cheek and right on cue he drew her close relief evident in his stance as he lifted her off her feet silently holding on. No words, just quiet communication. 

Silence suddenly engulfed the group as they noticed where he was. Then questions bubbled up. Who is that? they whispered. How come we don’t know her? How long was she waiting? Why were his shoulders shaking? Is he laughing or crying? Who said he’s crying? What is taking him so long?

For a few moments I lost track as my team arrived but as we walked to the car, I passed near them then I realised what was going on…they were praying. Yes praying out in the open with a reverence I’d never seen before. What was it that led them there? Why did she stand aside and wait? What prayer did his arrival answer? What was it they couldn’t hold back on? I would never know but oh, how I wish did.

~ Borrowed ~


It resonates with me that is the kind of joy God would love to see in me when I think of spending time with Him working on the goals He has given me. Fuelled by the knowledge that I cannot fail as long as I do it the way He has instructed. Driven by the realisation that nothing is impossible because He is with me. As I have shed weight on the outside. He has made me lighter on the inside. I no longer stand in the shadows scared but I’m changing in the brilliance of His love for me.

He loves me irrevocably and irrespective of where I come from and that’s enough for me.

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  1. Andrew Kimani

    Dear Kyesubire,

    This is an amazing story. Thank you and GOD bless you!

    Best regards,

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