The Gatekeepers Route

A few days ago I removed my nail polish and my young king was very unhappy…”Mum, you changed your beautiful nails.” I never thought he would notice these things but he did. Oh he always notices when I dress and is my best critic so I have learnt to listen closely

He is my most consistent gatekeeper. When we go out he often quickly scans the serving dishes or menu for what I can eat. Recently having lunch with friends, he looked up and said, “…the best thing for you to eat is the cob salad.” I actually ended up with the cob salad because it had all the right ingredients for my meal.

How can the young king be so perfect a gatekeeper? God.

I have said it before, that God is never caught by surprise. Jer 1:5 makes it clear in no uncertain terms that God was aware from before time who each one would be and what would happen in our lives. He knew the heartache and struggle we would face that would create the right combination of pressure to ensure we turned out perfect.

It gets exciting when you realise that the only way out of that challenging situation is through it. Through it means walking down that dark path knowing that He is with you and His rod and staff they comfort you. Knowing that no matter how intense the challenge is, there is a way out in Him that is reliable.

I have learnt through my young gatekeeper that God is indeed interested in my success and will do all in His power to ensure that I succeed.

A few days ago, he remembered that I used to make a mean pineapple crumble and asked if I could make some. Of course I jumped to the challenge but as I made it, a whole new recipe emerged using oats, walnuts, macadamia, peanuts, wheat flour, sugar, cardamon, nutmeg, butter and cinnamon. Oh wow! Absolutely sumptuous.

It fascinated me because he didn’t worry that the biscuit topping was a way he didn’t know, he just knew that mama should have options that are healthier and more filling so he’d taste whatever she comes up with. Little things like this help me keep going.

It’s important to know your gatekeeper or gatekeepers to thrive to the fullest.

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