Love Is The Difference

Ha! No…you don’t even know where I am going with this one…Trust me!

There is lots of talk about different kinds of love. God’s love, self-love, family love, the love of our lives, the love our parents did or didn’t give us etc. Then there’s the list of things people are supposed to do for love; if you love me you will do this or that, if she loves me she would trust me, call me often, respond to all my messages etc….the list is endless. All these may have their place but I am not going to look at many of them.

Love is a simple yet very complex thing. It is not just emotions or a warm feeling or goosebumps or hugs and kisses. Neither is it just dreamy dates, staring into each other’s eyes or gifts. It definitely is not just having our way, getting through each day, think about each other, private jokes, smiles, fun and laughter. Neither is it control, fear, obedience, honour. It is so much more all that.

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Love is a choice.

Love is the choice to keep working even when I don’t want to. It is getting out of bed daily and doing what I need to do because it is my assigned role; love is doing my part with joy and gladness. It is working through that fight because I need resolution and God has said work through it even if the other party isn’t willing to engage; it is honestly dealing with myself and all the nonsense and entitlement I have brought to the table.

Love is understanding that others don’t have to agree with my opinion and we can still be friends or siblings. Love is being told the truth in a way I will understand and no matter what allowing the bearer to remain part of my life if that is God’s determined route. Love is remaining true to the voice and word of God no matter what. It is becoming the best version of myself as God has defined so that my interactions with others will bring Him glory and bring out the best in all of them

In 2018 I have had the blessing of having people who really love and walk with me and it has been rough. Yes, rough! In the past, I had one friend who leveled it all with me no matter what but this year God has allowed that number to quadruple so it has been rough. It has been pressure from multiple directions and a no holds barred walk which has demanded (not requested) absolute honesty with myself as I answer all the questions raised and suggestions given. I say honesty because the things said are often harder to digest than the often sugar-coated things others have said. It hasn’t been easy but that has been the best class about love.

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Love is nothing like what I thought it was and as God used people to break it down for me I realised that I have never known or received or given unconditional love…story for another post. When I say, love makes a difference; I am talking about love for God. Am I still using my health journey as a point of reference? Yes.

As I have been challenged by all those walking with me on this path to be the best I can be, I have found that my love for God and the word He spoke over me and about me is the best fire to keep me going. My one desire is that my life would become the platform He saw when He thought of me before the foundations of the earth to tell of His wondrous power and love to all mankind.

This love is too much, yet it is the real difference.

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