Growing Is Here To Stay

It has perplexed me why there is so much pressure to shift and change from all sides, every day, in every way. Mark you, it has very little to do with the New Year because this pressure began to swell around me last year and only intensifies as time passes. There is a sense of urgency and intensity that needs to be joined into it.

Then coach just hit it on the head when he said, ‘Take a risk. See what happens, knowing that no matter what happens you’re well on the way to becoming the woman, wife, mother, child of God you’re destined to be. Before then, you have to promise yourself that you’ll dig deep and do what it takes to get to that side of the story.’

‘I promise I will,’ I responded.

‘How do you promise to accomplish this?’ he asked

In my head, I am thinking really? Can’t a girl have a break or downtime in this growth thing? This thing of tracking growth just seems to follow and find me everywhere I turn. There has to be something big about it or else it would have left my area of influence by now. Do I need to find some steps to go through? Do I need help finding the path?

It is becoming incredibly obvious that growth is the word of the season and there is no end to it.

I look back to who I was just 12 months ago and I wouldn’t want to go back there no matter what. In fact, I want to become better every day. The biggest change has been in my mindset. I know I have said it before but when the mind changes, life changes. Every time I came upon an obstacle I had tackled or something similar I would roll my eyes and ask God…really? There was no way we could have dealt with this once for all and not come back? It was hilarious but I thought I had done enough time and now needed a break until I really looked deep and it hit me, every circle takes me deeper and makes me stronger if I allow it.

Every challenge should open my mind and make room for more learning.

I no longer think growth ends. I used to think we grow then stop but now I know the model is to grow, adjust and then grow again. Life is a continuous growth process that never stops. The hard things learnt in the growing and stretching process allows me to deal with things I would otherwise have avoided and this ensures I become a better person. When I have dealt with challenges I can move on. If I circle back to a similar place I must assess and know if it is the exact same thing and then press in and solve once for all or see the deeper dimension that is being exposed and deal with it.

  • Growth is about becoming one with God’s plan more than I ever thought possible and enjoying both the lesson and the outcome.
  • Growth is attaching the same level of importance to who you can become and then work diligently to become all that.
  • Growth is about choosing to walk towards the goal set no matter the cost and that was the big one for me…the letting go, and letting go helped me realise the depth of joy it gives.

Growth is the only way.

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