Carbs Won’t Get ME

Carbohydrates…wah! I have never had to deal with something this strong in a long time.

I had reduced my intake but over a few weeks the cravings have hit again and hit hard. Every day is different but as I have watched myself the last few weeks it is increasingly clear that carbs need to be handled. It’s the feeling that I want two slices of bread with breakfast, shortly after I pick a biscuit, at lunch I eat a large serving of rice, only to reach for chocolate shortly, followed by a good helping of ugali or chapatti with dinner.

It would be dishonest to say I don’t know what to do in a situation like this. I have to move in the clarity I have found and operate in to make the choice to change and remain true to the path. This morning I realised I have to do something about the carb thing sooner than later because I can see my weight yo-yoing in ways I don’t like and some of the fat I had lost is returning.

I remembered my pregnancy this evening. It was largely free of drama other than a fibroid growing faster than my little one. My doctor had me taking the pregnacare supplement and I loved it; one tablet a day with no fuss. However, I when I didn’t take my daily dose, I had an insane craving for Steers fried chicken. In time I found that the crispy salty skin was what I really wanted and if I ate a piece without the skin I would feel nauseated. What I was really craving was salt, sodium chloride. When I checked with doc she said I needed to get back onto the supplements.

Is the current craving for carbs was a greater sign of a nutrient deficiency.

What carbs do I crave? Bread, chapati, marie biscuits, family biscuits (you need to have grown up with me to understand the love for those biscuits), rice, tortilla chips.

What do I mean crave? Even after I have had a full and satisfying meal, I will go back to the kitchen and grab an extra serving or a couple of biscuits or chips. It is as if I haven’t eaten yet a few minutes ago I was full.

Research shows that a carb craving is likely a sign of a deficiency in nitrogen. Nitrogen is an important component of nucleic acids and protein and a deficiency can result in malnutrition due resultant protein deficiency. The solution is relatively simple meaning the addition of nitrogen-rich foods like fruit and vegetables into my diet.

Who would have thought of this?

On the other hand, the carb craving could also be a chromium deficiency. Chromium is an essential trace metallic mineral needed by the body in very small quantities that can improve insulin sensitivity and enhance protein, carbohydrate, and lipid metabolism. To deal with this I would need to add foods like onions, grapes, lettuce, tomatoes, or sweet potatoes to eliminate your cravings.

This got me thinking about simple the things that need doing are. It isn’t some big prayer and fasting that this craving goes. It is watching what I eat, how much I eat and finding what can be added into my meals to deal with the deficiency and balance my life. I didn’t fully understand the meaning of having to learn discipline but every day is teaching me more about myself and I’m happy to learn because it restores my balance.

I will also add a detox as I believe it enhances all changes by removing what I don’t need. I love this journey because it isn’t cast in stone and demands that I am 100% real with myself.

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