I Have Changed

I have changed. I will not apologise for it and I will not change back to make you happy. I am cool being me and if you don’t understand it is all good.

If you last saw me a couple of years ago…you will drop off your seat when you meet me.
If you thought you knew how to push my buttons…think again
If I used to run to your aid without thought and I haven’t for a while…pause and ask why
If you don’t understand my online posts…you haven’t been part of the journey
If you haven’t received a call or a text from me…just ask when you last reached out and that is your answer

This girl has shifted and is totally loving it because it has come with loads of freedom and lightness. I will no longer be manipulated by others feelings, beliefs and impressions. I am me and so I am doing me.
I will weigh everything you say to me against my internal scale that is all my own so don’t be surprised if something used to be important but no longer is
I will look at everything through my rose coloured lens and not apologise for my perspectives
I will give you room to share your opinion and will decide whether I will agree or disagree but will accord you the grace to differ

I encourage you to find and do you because life is too short to live for or through others.
There is too much assigned to each of us to continue to be bound by expectations of others that don’t align with who we are.
Ask every question you have and remain in asking till you find the right answer as opposed to the easy ones
Trust God to come through; let go of all platitudes and find out real reasons for your existence.
Understand the season we are in and the actions required of you that if left undone will stall everyone else.
Realise that if you do not become the fullness of who God called you to be, you will fail.

I make #noapologies for my stance and challenge each one to find their place and live it out so that when our days are over, we will be glad to exit into the arms of our Creator without regret or fear.

#NoExcuses #NoLimitations

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