We Need Strength Papa…

Dear Father

Thank you for life

Thank you for the day

Thank you for the gift of life

Thank you for focus

Thank you for grace and strength

Thank you that your joy is our strength

Thank you that we can lean in and find peace


I ask that you remind your child that you love him

Remind her that she is important to You

Remind him that nothing happens outside Your purview

Confirm it to her heart that this wilderness won’t last for ever

Teach him to step close and lose himself in You

Reason with her as only you can and guide her in all truth


Let him know that You’re not a man to lie or change Your mind

Help her understand that she can lean into You and she won’t fall

Confirm to him that You are yeah and amen and walking with You yields good results


Papa, touch your daughter in her hidden spaces

There’s space in his heart that is desperate for a touch, Your touch… please touch

Wrap her in Your arms of love and warmth

Lead him in Your way everlasting full of truth and healing.


Let her know that You are who You say You are 

Let him know he can count on You

By your grace and mercy teach her Your voice, 

Comfort his spirit and renew his strength.


We love You Papa and amen to Your work in our lives. 

By Your grace and mercy we pray


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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