Six Foot & Still

I saw him from the bus window

He arrived just before the bus left

Dropped off by a beautiful woman

And he had love in his eyes as he looked at her


He was about six feet tall, dark chocolate complexion,

Something in him took  him beyond handsome

He wasn’t feminine in any way

But there was a softness about his appearance


He walked right to my seat…mmmh my seatmate

Oh my goodness, I hope he wasn’t a talkative one

He had a gentle smile and said hi

Then put his small bag on the over head rack


He settled in, put on his sweater, mitts and marvin

In went the ear phones and chosen play list

Crossed his hands, closed his eyes

And promptly became still, probably asleep


Eyes, closed, ding dong, lights out…just like that

How is that even fair?

How can someone sleep so easily?

The journey was long and he was asleep in minutes


Two hours and many kilometres later, I was still awake

My seatmate was still asleep as still as a log

Shoulders straight, head square and steady

It was as if he was in his own bed…he didn’t twitch


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How can someone settle so deeply?

How did one still their body so completely?

How could someone be so comfortable in any place?

This was beyond me.


Am I that at home in my own skin?

Am I able to settle in and be me anywhere?

Am I solid and unmovable in my place?

Can I be completely still and rest?


There is so much to learn before I get there.

There is a lot of unpacking and decoding.

But there is a place of peace I am pursuing

A place of deep connection in my spirit


There is place within me that only God can reach

Once He gets it fully, I will be still

So I open the door for Him daily

Desperately longing for the stillness


There is a place within that is healing daily

Every breath is getting me closer

Every day is a new opportunity

Every thought is a step higher


There is a place that is getting stronger

My smile is coming from deeper within

From a healing heart and spirit

From a more stable human


I am better than I have ever been

I am getting better every day

I know the journey is still long

Yet I will walk it to the end

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