Today I need You to hold my hand
Today I need You to hug me close
Today the sun seemed to dim
Today the clouds were very dark

Today You took Your daughter
Today You uncovered my madness
Today You showed me the foolishness
Today You broke my heart

Today the shipment was delayed
Today the account was emptied
Today the order was cancelled
Today it all seemed to go south

Today the tears flowed freely
Today my hopes crashed and burned
Today the wheels lost traction
Today it all unravelled

Today You promised healing
Today You promised answers
Today You called me to trust You
Today You said it would be well

I must admit I don’t understand
I must confess I’m kinda mad
I will say I am tired
I accept I was losing hope

I hold on because I have no other
I seek You because You are my peace
I let the tears flow because You say it’s ok
I come to the throne as you promised healing


#NoExcuses #NoLimitations #Shifting

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