I Am Incomplete

If I said I am an introvert you are unlikely not believe me

If I said I recharge in the shadows you might not believe me

If I said I like to be alone, I can see you laugh out loud

If I said I am shy some of you would laugh until you cry


I am incomplete; a work in progress

I am wounded; healing by the day

I am lost; found once again

I am confused; gaining clarity


I am a classic example of a shifter

Who I was a few years ago doesn’t exist

Oh certain things remain but most…

Poof…gone for good


I cannot and will not remain like I was

I would have killed many of you with harsh words by now if I did

I would have left so many casualties in my wake

Ha!! And some wonder how it could have been worse


I am a work in progress

I am growing; I am becoming

I am a cracked; I am whole

I am because HE is.


I am a new creature, I am a new person

I am a different gal, I am a changed one

You may not think so but I know so

I look in the mirror every day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

#NoExcuses #NoLimitations

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