Will You Stand?

Do you remember when Moses went up the mountain to get the laws from God? He was up there for a looooooonnnnnggg time until the children of Israel got impatient and pestered Aaron to make them an god to worship. How did they move from this God who came to their rescue with signs and wonders to asking for an idol? How did Aaron even entertain their madness when he knew God or so I though? Aaron was convinced by the people that Moses wasn’t coming back soon and he took the gold the people had and fashioned it with an engraving tool, and made a moulded calf. (Gen 32:4).

They were so happy that the set up a festival to worship this idol they had seen cast from the hand of man as god. It didn’t even make sense to me that after all the miracle they had just seen including the parting of the Red sea and water from the rock, they still gave up on Moses and God so fast. Notwithstanding that, Aaron has my focus right now. It doesn’t surprise me that the people hadn’t caught on how great God was but it surprised me that Aaron had missed out so much.

He was sent to Moses as a helper when Moses wasn’t able to speak. He was by Moses side when all the miracles were done. He literally had a front row seat to the hand of God. It is also likely that he did a commendable job for a while but alas, he didn’t keep on track to the end. How could it be that one who walked so close to the man of God didn’t even know the truth of this God? How did he think a lie would get past God and his servant Moses?

Aaron must have thought God was an idiot to even articulate the situation that way or he didn’t really understand the magnitude of this all knowing God who had seen his intention from the start. Walking alongside Moses hadn’t connected Aaron with God. It hadn’t convinced him of God’s power and majesty. It didn’t even set him up for consistent relationship with God. It didn’t give him a personal grounding.

Am I like Aaron? Are you? Have I been around faith and people of faith for long yet never developed a faith all my own? What would happen if my pillars were unavailable would I be able to stand? What if I moved away from my network, would my faith still be solid or would it falter?

We have been around the faith or people of faith and on the surface we look deep with God but when push comes to shove; there is nothing there. How many of us wait for the leaders to seek God and tell us what He is saying like the Israelites? We keep going to the pastor, bishop, life group leader, mother, father etc. for prayer and advice but could it be that we are doing ourselves a disservice? We give people power that isn’t theirs.

Christ calls us to come close and build relationship with Him without human intermediaries. He expects us to come for ourselves and build a deep connection that will outlive all challenges and blessings. He wants to know us, love us, heal us, lead us, grow us and be our all. He needs us to understand that He is in al, sees all, knows all…He is everything if we allow Him to be.

Draw near and HE will draw near to you. I am on the way in…hope you will join me.

Photo by Jim Richter on Pexels.com

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