My One True Love

Some days the words are many

Some days I can barely get a breath out

Some days I sit there for long

Some days I can barely keep my eyes open


Some days you are clear as crystal

Some days I hear nothing

Some days it all make sense

Some days it is downright cloudy


Some days I am certain of the path

Some days I am scared out of my wits

Some days the sea is calm

Some days the waves crush all around me


Some days are bright and sunny

Some days are dark as night

Some days are clear and fine

Some are cloudy and sad


Yet You remain true

Yet You remain present

Yet You remain real

Yet You remain God


I stand on Your word

I stand on Your hope

I stand on Your promise

I stand on You and You alone


You are mine

You are my God

You are my Kind

My one true love

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