I miss you

I miss you

Every breath is harder

Every thought more painful

Every day longer

Every night more unbearable


I miss you

You left without warning

You didn’t say goodbye

You just packed and left

You didn’t know where you were


I miss you

A goodbye would have been good

A last smile would have helped

A last hug to hold onto

A last word to remember


I miss you

Life will never be the same

Days look different

The sun is dimmer

The wind is colder


I miss you

Nights seem darker

Time moves slower

The moon is smaller

The stars further out


I miss you

But in time I will be fine

In time it will all make sense

In time my heart will heal

In time my mind will clear


I miss you

I pray I won’t be here long

I will hold your memory close

I will keep working on our plan

I will rise to the peak


I miss you

The sadness will be fuel

The tears be bath water

The sorrow fire in my belly

The emptiness fertilizer


I miss you

I will always miss you

You will always be a part of me

We will always have history together

You are a part of me forever

Photo by Akshar Dave on Pexels.com

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