You Take My Breath Away

I saw you from the corner of my eye
Sitting in the corner as if to see everyone
Watching as if you weren’t
Cataloging as one making a list
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

What did you smell like?
What colour were your eyes?
What rate was the heart beat?
Were you really that calm?
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

Your voice is a deep rumble
Your laugh is a series of low notes
Your smile is broad and radiant
Your eyes like liquid dark chocolate
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

I stopped watching you but not sensing
I looked away but knew your every move
I watched others even as you watched me
I strained to hear your voice as you dropped it
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

Excuse me ma’am, you said standing beside me
At once I knew that voice, the one I’d been tracking
I wondered if you know you are beautiful
I thought you should know I admire you
Unassuming yet assuming nothing

I couldn’t believe it was you
My tongue was weighted like lead
My eyes blinking in disbelief
The tears filled my eyes threatening to flow
Yet you are unassuming and assuming nothing

It is you! You exclaimed almost in disbelief
Yes it is! I replied softly, timidly
I was coming to ask if you were related to someone I knew
I smiled, stilling the tears that threatened
Willing them away, hoping it’d work but alas

You caught the first tear as it fell
Extended your hand and pulled me to my feet
In a blink your shirt became the sponge
The recipient of tears I couldn’t control
The shoulder you had always promised

Right there, in front of the world
I lost the tight grip on my emotions
I lost control of my composure
I lost command of my heart
I gained a lesson in friendship

Unashamed by my public outburst
You let a weary soul find release
You shielded me from prying eyes
You became the servant of God to one in need
I couldn’t say thank you enough

I didn’t even know I would break that day
I wouldn’t have guessed I was close to the brink
I was unprepared for such an outburst
Yet my Father knew and positioned you
I bless my Papa who sent you my way

You take my breath away because
Your heart is still gentle even after so much trouble
Your love for & connection to God remains strong
Your obedience to Papa is unquestionable
You are His devoted servant for all your days


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