Is it really Christmas?

I have struggled with Christmas for a while now. It feels like it is has become another holiday or series of days off that we gather around and eat and I don’t want to continue that way.

I find it is so easy to get caught up with the deals, the nice food, the hangouts, the travel then at the end of the season I ask for what? Silence!! I am asking myself, what is it about being around family that makes the difference?

I know…we are rich because we have each other but what does that mean? What is the wealth in the family? How do the distances and fights get pushed under the carpet and conversations are about adding to the joy of life be superficial? How does the meal on the table change the atmosphere that has been rife with side eye? How does sitting around in the house not talking to one another make the time spent together special? What do the festivities mean in the midst of this?

The meaning of Christmas is all about hope, joy and faith through the birth of a saviour who came to save the world and change our lives forever. If that is true, why do we spend so much on ourselves and forget those who don’t have a meal even after we visited for a one day meal?

Why do we spend so much money on our holidays but don’t give our staff extra money to travel especially those going far? When we have chefs work to feed us, do we care about their families that are mother or fatherless during the holidays?

I am let asking questions that cannot be understood so I won’t write them but as I sit at my desk today, I really hope that beyond all the eating, drinking, travelling and hanging out we will find peace and become a real blessing.

I know some people will say I am being cynical and for someone who always loved Christmas it feels unreal. However, 2019 has taught me to ask questions about everything and the results have been astounding.

I am reflecting and reviewing more and though there are more questions than answers for once in a long time I feel more in touch with who I really am and though it has created unbelievable ripples in my life, every question I resolve gives me greater contentment and peace so I press on and keep asking questions.

Wishing you every blessing.

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