Suddenly You Breakthrough

By Rene Picota

I declare and decree that suddenly things are about to be restored for you! Your breakthrough will suddenly happen! I decree that the harvest you have been expecting is coming to you now. Harvest is coming. God is getting ready to pour forth His Spirit upon you suddenly like on the day of Pentecost!


The greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit is about to happen in your life! I see in the Spirit that things are changing and suddenly you will touch the nations! This is a holy thing, a Kairos moment that has be ordained by God!


You are about to be suddenly shifted into your destiny. There will be no more delay to your dream! It’s time for division to stop. People will be united. There will be harmony.


The devil has tried to divide things up, but God is going to bring forth multiplication, double portion, and your inheritance. Inheritances will be released right now! Not because of what you have done. But because of who you are. Supernatural increase is coming to your house!


God has some unexpected blessings for you. Favour has now opened doors for you! He has prepared people and places for you. He will do exceedingly more than you could ever ask, think or imagine. Things are being accelerated for you! Things will come easy for you from now on!


Suddenly everything God has established for you will come to past. The time to fight is over. God says put your fist down and look at what the Lord has done! Lost children, lost friends, and lost family members are about to come into the Kingdom. Suddenly they will get saved, healed and delivered!


Suddenly things will change! God is getting ready to act on some things that you had no idea of. Things are being put into motion. The Lord is dispatching angels on your behalf! God says, He has heard your prayers, He has seen every seed and every labour of love. He saw every time you stood when you wanted to give up. He saw your tears when you felt like you were going through hell.


Suddenly things are coming to your Spirit. Things are about to breakthrough! Doors will be opened, things loosed! Cycles are broken in Jesus name! God is about to repair some things for you! True worship is about to take place! The King of Glory is about to come in!


Get ready for a sudden deliverance! This is the season when the battle is over. It is time for divine closure! What belongs to you is being released to you. Those who limited you and lied about you are about to see the salvation of the Lord with you! The prison doors are being open! Bad habits & mind-sets are being broken!


A divine shaking is about to happen to you! Total freedom belongs to you! And when you are free, you will be able to set others free because their bands and shackles will be loosed!

Suddenly things are about to change! Suddenly your position of power is about to change. New experiences await for you! It is time for you to be fruitful and multiply! Suddenly you will have that child you have been wanting!

And all will see and glorify of God because God has been preparing you for where you are going and what you are about to receive! The goodness of the Lord is about to overtake you!

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