A New Beginning

The sky erupted with fireworks

The celebrations shouts rent the air

Cars drove by with horns blaring

The people hugged and danced


Everyone celebrated

Everyone cheered

People called their loved ones

Community erupted in moments


My body was there

My mind  wasn’t

My heart was conflicted

My soul was unsettled


Not everyone was happy

Not everyone was rejoicing

Not everyone was with the beloved

Not everyone was vibrant


Some families were in mourning

Some were reminiscing

Some were alone and lonely

Some were counting coins


I know we all aren’t in the same space

I know we all don’t know everything

I know that we may not understand everything

I know that life is different



My heart asks

Can’t we close the divide?

Can’t we be more aware?


I found that people I know went hungry

Yet I didn’t now

I found that they couldn’t travel to celebrate

Yet I didn’t know


I met others who had a silent holiday

Just like we did

I met those who were alone

With no one around


Is it possible to be more aware?

Is it possible to be more connected?

Is it possible to more in tune?

Is it possible to care more?


I pray that this year is different

I pray that I hear God more

I pray that I know His voice

I pray that I obey faster


I pray that He finds me in place

I pray He leads me to help His people

I pray that my destiny rises

I pray that I meet needs


I pray that my life will be changed

I pray that my focus will be sharpened

I pray that my obedience be singular

I pray that my life will be His


I pray that none I know will lack

I pray that none connected to me will fail

I pray that none in need will be denied

I pray that we will all arise


I pray for a new beginning

A beginning designed in God’s heart

A beginning that is irreversible

A beginning deep enough to keep me steady

Photo by Rathnahar Sriom on Pexels.com

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