Grace In The Divine

Papa I feel imbalanced and lost

I feel so alone and deserted yet I shouldn’t

I feel as if I have been left alone in the back side of the desert

I am scared I won’t know the way back


How do I rebalance and re-establish my path?

How do I find a reason to get up and walk on?

How do I figure out how to be happy and whole no matter what?

How do I make the shift back to me alone?


It feels as if my heart is heavy and alone

My mind is clogged because of unspoken worry

My aura is looking for its link and plug in

And in the end I am utterly alone


I feel disconnected and I don’t know what to do

I feel distanced and can’t find a way to the beach

It feels like I am lost at sea without rescue

It feels like land is so far away and I am all alone


How do I get out of here?

How do I reconnect?

How do I restart the mojo?

How do I get up?


I have nothing to go on

I have nothing to lean on

I have nothing to lay on

I have nothing….


I have done it all and still wound up

I have said I have let go but alas

I said I was good yet I don’t know

I am at loss of where to go from here


I don’t know how to make this work

I don’t know how to move on from here

I don’t know how to be alone

I just don’t know


Why is my heart so heavy?

Why do I feel alone?

Why do I wonder where you are?

Why do I feel like this?


How do I make things work and get out alive?

How do I remove the heaviness in my heart?

How does my life reconnect and thrive?

How do I change the way things are?


Can we just walk out and make things work?

Can we make sure we never go back here?

Can we build a solid foundation again?

Can things be the way they were?


I know it cant go back to exactly the same

I know I have to move forward and deal

I know I need to find an outlet and hope

I know things have to change


I am confused Papa

I am adrift on the sea

I am hiding tears and fear

I am worried on the inside


I didn’t even know that is what I am doing

I didn’t even know how deep it goes

I didn’t understand how it is changing me

I didn’t see it


I need the power of the spirit

The enabling of an all able God

The move of love and compassion

The grace tied to the divine

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