I Am A Bother!

My father can’t stand me

He screams at me all the time

He curses my choices and thoughts

He wishes I was never born

He’d rather not provide for me

I am a bother!


He favours my siblings

He talk and laughs with them

He meets their needs

He builds relationships with them

I am just a bother!


My mother hates me

She rejected me from the start

She ignores me most of the time

She doesn’t care if I am home or not

She blames me for everything

I am a bother!


People don’t like me

They stop talking when I walk in

They talk about me behind my back

They set me up to fail

I am a bother!


People are out to get me

They make sure I am alone

They focus their frustration on me

I am always alone in the crowd

I am a bother!


Why am I always the target?

Why is it so easy for me to be singled out?

Why does my life attract bad things?

Why can’t it be different?

I am a bother!


I am a bother to my parents

I am bother to my family

I am bother to my schoolmates

I am a bother everywhere

Truly, I am a bother!


Why would God create me like this?

Did He actually create me to be here?

Am I designed as an easy target?

Am I destined to be a bull’s eye?

I am a bother!


Why can’t anyone love me?

Why can’t anyone take time for me?

Why can’t joy find me?

Why can’t my life change?

Why oh why?


What did I do to deserve this?

Why did this happen to me?

Who thought I needed this?

Why is my life like this?

What didn’t I do?


Why is my life like this?

Will I know happiness?

Will I know hope?

Will I know love?

Will I know peace?


Will I ever know better?

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