The battle became fierce

The separation came to a head

The silence got louder

The sadness deepened


Tears fell

Smiles faded

Hearts broke

Hope fizzled


Words failed

Thoughts congealed

Clarity ran away

Only a prayer rose


A broken heart

A weary spirit

A life squeezed out

Joy stripped away


Is this how you are Papa?

Do you break us deliberately?

Do you allow the ground to shift?

Do you let it all collapse?


What did I miss?

What didn’t I hear?

Where should I have looked?

What was I to see?


It’s too dark here

I can’t see a thing

It’s too bleak here

I can’t even dream


It’s dreadfully quiet

There’s no one to speak to

It’s desperately lonely

I can’t stay too long


Defend me oh Father

I cannot defend myself

Teach me to fight for me

I don’t know how to


Protect me oh Lord

Have mercy on my people

Stand guard I beg

Surround us


Be merciful oh God

For I am lost

Teach me Your way

Show me Your truth


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