I really want to hold your hand

I want to hide you in my arms

I want to protect you from the hardship

Yet I know I can’t.


I want to shield you from the struggle

I want to close you in my heart

I want to closet you safely

Yet I know I can’t


The struggle will build you

The process will change you

The tears will clarify you

You will grow


The questions will add depth

The fear will be overcome

The drama will strengthen you

You will grow


The conversations will push you

The honesty will blow things up

The depth will shock you

You will grow


Do not fear the process

Do not give up on the way

Do not doubt the outcome

You will grow


I can’t shield you

But I will walk wit you

I can’t hide you

But I will pray for you


Even when I am far

Even when you don’t see me

Even when I am silent

Papa is there


Even when it feels dark

Even when you feel alone

Even when nothing seems cool

Papa is there


He is our HOPE

He is our STRENGTH

He is our ANCHOR

He is our ALL

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