A Sight

I would never have seen her

Seated in the corner

Buried in a book

A cup of something near her

She was a sight


She looked up and around

Something had distracted her

Her eyes followed the sound

It was the crash of a dish

She was a sight


Then our eyes met

She didn’t look down

She didn’t smile

She didn’t assess me

She just looked at me


I couldn’t look away

I couldn’t tear my eyes away

I couldn’t release her gaze

I couldn’t help myself

She just looked at me


My mother would say she is forward

My aunties would say she is trouble

My father would say she is too strong

My boys would ask if I am serious

I just can’t walk away


There are things your heart know are true

There are places your heart gets comfortable

There are days your mind has to lead

There are people you cannot leave

She is one of them


I cannot stop my heart from connecting

I cannot shift my mind from her

I will not determine anything now

I will not shy away from afar

She is a sight to behold


My heart knows she is a special one

My heart is unafraid to approach

My mind knows that connection will be great

My soul is settled on her

She is a sight to behold


I don’t know how things will go

I don’t know where this will end

I don’t know if it is worth it

I don’t know many things

Yet I know I will reach out


I reach out to meet a new person

I reach out to grow in life experience

I reach out to understand another

I reach out to be shifted in life

I just know it will be well


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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