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Give Me Some Time

In my reading this week, I came across the children of Israel in the desert preparing for the Passover. God gave Moses the instructions involving cleansing and so he told the people the rules. Some of them were unclean because of handling a corpse but they wanted to participate so they went to Moses and asked him what they could do. They said to him. “We have become ritually unclean because of a corpse, but why should we be barred from bringing God’s offering along with other Israelites on the day set for Passover?”

I love this because they knew where they were, what they wanted and who to ask all the questions. They went to the only person they knew could sort things out with finality, Moses. One would expect that Moses with all the he knew about God would simply give opinions, but he did not do that. H simply said, “Give me some time; I’ll find out what God says in your circumstances.” Ex 9:8 (MSG).

I like the way the Message puts it…give me some time.

Moses did not even miss a beat, he did not try to appear to know more than he did, he simply went back to his pattern of talking to God. He knew that he could not answer anything he didn’t know, and he needed to consult with the One who knew all answers.

How many times do we wing it and say things that do not make sense just to sound knowledgeable? How often do we try to convince people we are good when we are not? How often do we give our children or the other young ones in our lives answers that aren’t truthful just because we are too scared to say we do not know?

There is no glory in faking it my friends and there is no shame in not knowing things.

I remember when we were growing up, we learnt by watching the adults around us that not knowing something was almost criminal so we could not ever say we did not know. The adults never admitted they didn’t know something rather they would change the topic or give some simple answer that didn’t really meet the need at hand. We learnt that they would not admit to not knowing and so many of us adopted the same modus operandi.

I always wondered about this behaviour because I had been taught to ask questions about everything. My grandfather was great at answering questions and I realised that he thought through his answers and that became my new mode of operation. However, as I grew up and found challenges in the working world, I subconsciously shifted to brushing aside the questions I didn’t know’ until I had offspring and it no longer worked.

It is so easy to adopt the patterns of others when we need to follow our own path.

When Moses went to rescue the children of Israel, he was of different stock from them. His years in the palace, on the run, in back side of the desert, and encounter with God had changed him. He had been separated from his people and built into someone who would stand in faith no matter what. The people he led were broken by their years in captivity and disconnection from the word of God and they were Egyptians at heart.

Moses wasn’t looking for easy solutions like the children of Israel because his life had proven that easy was never easy in real life. He had spent time alone with the sheep which gave him time to really slow down and think. His encounter with God confirmed that he could lean on God no matter what as is seen in Egypt and along the way to the Promised Land.  

He had a relationship with God that would be give him the strength to stand steady and go slow. Remember he is the same one who said to God, “If your presence doesn’t take the lead here, call this trip off right now. How else will it be known that you’re with me in this, with me and your people? Are you traveling with us or not? How else will we know that we’re special, I and your people, among all other people on this planet Earth?” Ex 33:15.

So in the time of distress he could confidently say, “Give me some time…”

Can you say the same with confidence? Can you enter a situation without an answer and ask for time to find an answer? Can you be like Daniel who said to a king, give me time to pray and get back to you? Or is your default to posture like you know what you are doing even if you don’t know.

  • I say today, it is ok not to know as long as you know the one who does.
  • It is ok not to know, as long as you are looking to Him who does.
  • It is ok not to know, if your hand is in the hand of Him who does
  • It is ok not to know, if every step you take leads to the cross.
  • It is ok not to know because Jehovah God is in control.


Always With Me

The sun warms me

The wind refreshes me

The stars fascinate me

The night sounds revive me


The grass delights me

The flowers light the day

The rain renews life

The clouds travel


The children’s laughter tickles

Their joy is infectious

Their innocence enlightens

They give new life


They are curious

They are cheeky

They are relentless

They never tire


You Papa are like them

You never tire of me

You never give up

You never leave me


You hold my hand

You hold me close

You lift me up

You are always there


You are the only faithful one

You are the only reliable one

You are the closest companion

You are the greatest support


Opportunities To Listen

Every day provides an opportunity to do something new and different.

I was listening to the Word recently and it struck me that all through the story of the scriptures, no one really knew the whole picture of what would happen except God. Think of Abraham when he was told to tell Lot to choose where he was going. I think he expected his nephew to pick some of the good country and not all of it but Lot did just that…he took all the choice land and forgot about his Uncle. This in essence could have disqualified him from the running.

Now the land was not able to [b]support them, that they might dwell together, for their possessions were so great that they could not dwell together. And there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram’s livestock and the herdsmen of Lot’s livestock. The Canaanites and the Perizzites then dwelt in the land.

So Abram said to Lot, “Please let there be no strife between you and me, and between my herdsmen and your herdsmen; for we are brethren. Is not the whole land before you? Please separate from me. If you take the left, then I will go to the right; or, if you go to the right, then I will go to the left.”

11 Then Lot chose for himself all the plain of Jordan, and Lot journeyed east.

14 And the Lord said to Abram, after Lot had separated from him: “Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are—northward, southward, eastward, and westward; 15 for all the land which you see I give to you and your [c]descendants forever. 16 And I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth; so that if a man could number the dust of the earth, then your descendants also could be numbered. 17 Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you.”

Now it was time to separate the true son of God.

Each day provides a chance to know God deeper and move into the plan He has for you.

Lot thought he had chosen the best of the land yet, it had already been given irreversibly to Abraham. It wasn’t given to Abraham because he was a good man and deserved a good life, rather it was given to demonstrate the goodness of God in our lives regardless of what people do to us. Lot took the best the eye to see but God gave the true inheritance to the obedient one.

This is shown again in the story of David. He was anointed and then went back to keeping sheep and not lead the country. Can you imagine being ruled by a young boy with no experience? Well, there was already a plan in place for this. David went back to keeping sheep with his harp and singing until the day God decided to unveil him. He was persecuted and chased around the country by a man who knew he was the next promise and King. Saul wanted to preserve the legacy of his family as leaders, but God had already judged him and found him unworthy.

The story is told in 1 Sam 14-16, where Saul was deemed unworthy because he took things into his own hands, he didn’t do everything God had instructed and finally his days were done and the time for change had come. God didn’t finish him off all at once like He could but allowed Saul opportunities to listen to the ways of Israel and the realities that come with that.

Could it be the same for us?

Are we missing out on opportunities, mindsets, lifestyles that really interrogate God’s word then translates backwards into the path for man to find God?

Could it be that we are so caught up in tradition that we don’t see or hear God? First of all, before some of you shoot me, understand that no matter how much you take your children to church and hammer all the gospel music you can play, their lives are useless and will not amount to much if there isn’t an integration of life and love for God.

Seeing that God keeps his word, everything that is yours will come to you. Do the inner work and let the outward expression be the product of your faithfulness. We must understand that God gives us what we need and no more, so if the supply comes, spend it on the good and dispel whatever you cannot deal with.

If God is faithful, why don’t things always work?

It is evident all around us that Jehovah God is real. He is our banner and provider of everything we need, yet He doesn’t do wants. The big question is how we reach the people assigned to us.  We must pray that each finds the thing we are supposed to be doing and finalise that before God gives us the next step.

If we are looking to succeed by our definition and not God’s unique definition for each person then we will be mad at God for ‘not’ coming through. If we shift our understanding to the knowledge that each one has a distinct path to bring God extreme glory then we will never go around feeling like failures no matter how hard things get. There is a master plan for each life and a way out for each challenge to bring God the maximum glory and establish His word over us as eternal.

What do you need to do?

Each one must hear the voice of God about their life goals, patterns and outlooks that will give him the kind of room he desires to make the fullness of his desires for us. The key is to listen, accept, learn and live out. Can you do that one thing?


Never As It Seems

We sat watching them

Laughing together

Entertaining the little ones

What a beautiful family


What a joy for engaged parents

What a beauty of happy children

Out in the world have a blast

Making all of us watch


She walked up to them smiling

Joining in the laughing and playing

Dusting off the children

And walked off smiling


Bye bye uncle

Bye bye auntie

See you lovelies

Love you


Wait a minute…

That wasn’t a family?

Those weren’t their children?

Oh Wow!!!


It is never as it seems


How many other things had we assumed?

How many others had we judged?

How many hasty judgments have we made?

It is never as it seems


The outward appearance is unreal

The gloss can deceive

The fascade breaks eventually

It is never as it seems


How do we know the truth?

How do we understand the realities?

How do we know what holds?

It is never as it seems


We pursue the heart of God

We pursue the clarity  of the Spirit

We pursue the depth of Christ

It becomes as it seems



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Arise With Alternative Thinking

For many the panic of the current pandemic isn’t dissipating. The longer we are at home, the deeper the panic sets in and the further down we hide our thoughts and realities. This hit home last week in a conversation with a friend about a robbery that happened in her village. She was talking to a relative long after curfew started and her relative suddenly said there were people trying to get into the animal shed. Thankfully they raised an alarm and the thieves took off so no animals were lost.

I knew it had to be more than that.

I sat wondering, asking questions like who are these people confident enough to flout the curfew directives? Why did they choose this particular homestead? Was it because they knew it was older folks living there who couldn’t do much? Were they hungry or just greedy? Couldn’t they do something different or find another way to meet their needs? Couldn’t they just start a small business to get by? Are they just lazy?

I thought of the news stories of more developed economies than ours, where there rate of job losses is higher than ours. People used to a better life than ours, now out of work in places without social support structures. I thought about families in urban areas built around working every day and suddenly those daily jobs are gone and there is nothing on the table. Finally my mind came back to the casual labourers in the factories or construction sites who no longer have a source of livelihood but still have people with expectations for at least food, shelter and water.

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Did you know muggings and petty theft are up? Do you know in certain places you can no longer jog freely any time of the day? Why the rise, you ask? It can’t be easy to provide food for your family when you have nothing. Let’s step outside our comfort zones for a little bit so we can understand these trends.

If you have enough food and can top up whenever supplies run low without major calculations you are in good shape. If your job is still intact and secure, if your children are in online classes, if your rent is paid, if your drivers, gardeners, housekeepers and nannies are paid, if your parents are well catered for, if your siblings aren’t camped at your doorstep or calling you all the time, if you can still choose what mode of transport to go out, if you are able to buy whatever medication you need…you are a have and it is indeed ok with you for now. That is my new definition of a ‘have’ mentioned a few posts ago.

The panic and desperation are super real for the rest.

What happens to those who had gone home for the weekend or on leave and were caught there by the cessation order? What happened to the security guard who was on his 4 days off only to hear that the firm has lost half its business so those at home cannot be reabsorbed? What happened to that housekeeper or nanny who can no longer go in because of lock down measures and her boss has had to find alternatives. What happened to the gardener whose boss has taken a pay cut and can’t afford him and cannot go home. What happens to the long distance bus driver and conductor who cannot work because the two largest cities and transit points are locked down?

What happens to the local kinyozi aka barbers and hairdressers who are paid based on work done, now that we are all opting for natural styles and home haircuts? What happens to the shoe sales man who can’t move his products because incomes are decreased and people are focusing on food stuff and household need? How many orders has the baker lost with all of us now baking cakes, cookies and bread? We could go on and on without limit but I won’t.

We need a longer term perspective when we look at the realities of the times. There are millions whose lives have been disrupted and need to pivot but cannot. There are many who will and have turned their high end cars into markets and meet needs at home but what about the millions whose only treasure was the menial skill they had and now that is in low demand or totally gone?

It is time to arise with alternative thinking.

We, me included, must look inward and really see the truth of our world. We bought the narrative that education is the key to success but what kind of education is that? If our past and current education systems were as good as purported how come we haven’t become a super power? If the education styles were so good, how come the US has so many struggling citizens and residents? If education really eradicated poverty, why is Afrika still so poor and allegedly backward? I dare say we were lied to and we bought the lie hook, line and sinker.

If education opens doors, why do we have so many unemployed graduates? If education really teaches us to think why are still grappling with the same issues our forefathers grappled with 60+ years later? Why are we creating workers not thinkers, complainers not problem solvers, followers not leaders?

Could it be that our education systems aren’t the right ones for us?

In Daniel 1, after the capture of Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar asked for the finest of the captives of noble birth and education to be brought into his palace and taught the language and literature of the Chaldeans. The lived close to him, had a ration of the finest foods and drinks and access to the most brilliant teachers in the land to shape and shift them to be useful in his kingdom. He knew that if he wanted them to be useful for his kingdom, he had to change the way their minds worked and their belief systems.

Every time a shift happens for a people it starts with a drastic change in their education and a challenging of everything they knew before to upgrade what can be changed and discard the rest. Daniel and his three friends went into the training knowing who they were and their foundation well. They were able to determine what they would accept and what they wouldn’t. Their reliance on their God and their faith would always be the rudder of their choices and they would not back down if the thing requested would take them off track. Was it easy? Not likely! Were they targeted? Absolutely! Did it stop them? Nope! Did they get to their goal? Most definitely!!

Now I have a list of questions about us:

  • How can we do the same for our people?
  • How do we raise our community’s ability to think and solve?
  • How do we ensure the right education that will change minds and attitudes long term?
  • How do we connect to realities that will bring hope and resolution?
  • How do we change our common ability to thrive and support our brothers, sisters, neighbours, fellow citizens?
  • How do we build for all and not just for our bellies?

The reality is, that if we do nothing to help change the fortunes of those in greater need than us, our generations will not rise out of the bondage that is the current society and we will be held responsible by God and history for doing nothing in our days to help others rise into places of true strength, wisdom and knowledge.


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But For Your Grace

I am broken

But for Your grace

I am lost

But for Your grace

I am fallen

But for Your grace


I am shaken

But for Your grace

I am destroyed

But for Your grace

I am weak

But for Your grace


I am nothing

But for Your grace

I would be done

But for Your grace

I do not know

But for Your grace


I do not understand

But for Your grace

I do not get it

But for Your grace

I do not have strength

But for Your grace


I am nobody

But for Your grace


Father You are God

You are God

You are God

You ARE God

I declare You are God


Emmanuel God with me

Emmanuel all loving

Emmanuel all powerful

Emmanuel gracious and kind


Emmanuel glorious deliverer

Emmanuel all wise

Emmanuel all powerful

Emmanuel, You are God


Father your name be praised

Your plan is secure

You are my source of hope

You are my redeemer & keeper




There’s a word I have known all my life but it has taken on a new meaning off late. What word? Delightful.

Have you known a word before then someone says it and a new perspective bursts forth? If so, you will understand what I am saying but let me not assume you do.

In a couple of conversations with friends, one of us was describing the joy of deep honest friendship and conversation over a long period of time and he said it is so delightful. That word caught my attention because it is a little rare in my circle for a guy to use it.

There was something in the way he said it, soft and light, the expression on his face and the smile in his voice. If you weren’t watching him, you would have heard the deep joy the person he was talking about brings to him. It was clear that they have such a deep connection that helps both of them adjust to one another even when they are fighting. You could only watch them together as they bicker and tease each other to see and feel the depth, warmth and honesty of the relationship within.

In a subsequent conversation with him, he used delightful again in reference to her in a way that showed me more about him as a person than I could ever have understood any other way.

Delightful from his perspective was such an intense definition.

  • Delightful is a place of pure enjoyment of the other person because you realise they are special and appointed by God to interact with you in this season and help you come to the full reality of who you are.
  • Delightful is the warmth and comfort of knowing you are in this together and will push each other to bring forth the beauty of the relationship no matter the fights and challenges around.
  • Delightful is honest conversations about failings and winnings, knowing you will not be judged or put aside only pushed deeper into purpose.
  • Delightful is knowing you are in this together to know God deeper and rise to the fullness of His plan no matter what.
  • Delightful is the commitment to be friends always, honest every day, concerned in every breath, connected at the spirit level and diligent no matter what.

When he said the word delightful in reference to her, you knew they had tapped into something many of us don’t know but long to understand and only God could have opened that level of connection.

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I am struggling:

Coloured wave on the sea
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I see reading all around me

I see people growing

I see lives shifting

But I am struggling


I hear the word of grace

I hear words of hope

I hear talk of growth

But I am struggling


I see words of prophecy

I read words from God

I hear people pray

Yet I am struggling


Father help me

Spirit strengthen me

Jesus hold me

I am struggling


My heart breaks every day

My spirit is weak

My soul yearns for connection

I am struggling


I can’t take another step

I can’t even get up

I can’t pray at all

I am struggling


I am tired & worn out

I am sad

I am lonely

I am struggling


How do I walk on?

How do I thrive?

How do I rise?

I am struggling


How do I find hope?

How do I connect to strength?

How do I find peace?

I am struggling


Cover me please

Hold me up please

Strengthen my walk

For I am struggling


I cannot rise alone

I cannot believe alone

I cannot walk alone

I am struggling


Dear God

If you don’t come through

If I can’t rise

I will keep struggling


I don’t want to stagnate

I don’t want to die

I don’t want to get stuck

I don’t want to keep struggling


Teachable, Correctable & Committed

I am known to walk barefoot in the most absurd places and no, I won’t tell you. you have to see me to believe it. Let’s just say that those who have seen me have either laughed or stared. I remember several years ago in the middle of a very intense series of events, my shoes couldn’t fit me because my feet were swollen. I was staying in a 5 star hotel with our main delegates and organising movement of the same.

I got back from errands and as I looked out of my sixth floor hotel window, I saw the choir’s van in the parking yet it should have been at another location. A call to the driver and the sound team at the venue sent me racing out of my room to the lobby before I even realised I was indeed barefoot. Imagine walking across the tiled floors of the hotel past the security guards into the parking. I saw them smile but it didn’t even hit me that it was because I was barefoot.

As I coordinated the group’s movements I walked onto a patch of grass, don’t worry there was not sign to keep off, and instantly felt intense relief flow through my body. Suffice it to say, that became my position for the next hour. I didn’t know what was going on but by the time we were done and walking back to my room, the pain in my body was significantly less and I was calmer.

A few years later I discovered grounding therapy.

Grounding therapy, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth. In the natural health circles, yes I am in those ones, there is a call to do things that our people did before the onset of western civilisation. Think about how our grand parents and some of our parents didn’t have shoes until later in their lives and they were fine. I used to think it was because they were poor but I see it differently today.

When I first heard about grounding I laughed my heart out until I tried it and it worked. The simple version of it is that we are made from ions and our bodies need to be alkaline and negatively charged but our lives work against us. We wear shoes with plastic soles that don’t allow us to dissipate the excess charges that we receive from our phones, computers, and all the electronics around us. Enter one day that I couldn’t find rest and spent time online wondering why. I decided to try walking barefoot or sitting outside with my feet on the ground to test the theory.

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Stay with me, there is a point here.

The result wasn’t instant but gradual and contrary to sckeptic opinions, it is not made up. I was diligent at grounding for a while and lapsed for a while but this last week things changed. The current containment has me walking every day with the young king and one day I was sharing that I was feeling like a live wire and he asked me when I last grounded. Just like that, it clicked, so after walking I sat on the veranda of the house enjoying the feeling of my feet on the grass (more grass growing through the stones).

He run off to see grandma and I followed walking on the grass all the way and it was as if the charge was leaving my body. Today is day three and I must admit I feel less charged. I remembered that I stopped wearing a watch just after high school because I had a lot of static electricity in my system and how I avoided touching metal surfaces in the sun because I would get that spark. That short walk changed things for the young king and I because we have now added grounding back into our days with great improvements for both of us.

I then reflected back to life and my choices and boy oh boy…

What have I stopped doing because it takes a lot of manouvering to keep going? What changes do I need to make that I am avoiding because they will make me look mad? Where should I be headed that my mind has convinced me is too far and too hard? What small success can I look back onto and use as fuel for the next phase?

You see, starting and stopping isn’t beneficial. Small steps every day makes everything work, like eating an elephant one bite at a time. I think of Abraham right here. He was called and appointed so God led his father out of Ur of the Chaldeans to Haran where they set up a life and the old man died. God then called Abraham to follow him to a land that He would show him and Ab went. God promised a child and though they were old Ab believed. He was obedient even to taking three hundred and sixty men to fight five kings and rescue Lot.

There is no greater madness than those who are faithful to their call.

Each of us has an assignment on this earth that cannot be assumed or completed by another. This means that if I fail in my assignment God will always give me time to course correct but if I don’t He will assign it to someone else. If He reassigns it, I either exit the world or get put on the shelf as a pretty looking vase with no value. If I am shelved, it won’t matter how good my life looks because I am not bringing His Word to life.

So you ask; How do I remain relevant to God’s plan? It isn’t as hard as you think:

  1. Know the call or assignment: Be sure of the reason you are here and the outcome God is looking for through you.
  2. Prepare for the assignment: Understand that there is a process that will get me into place with every lesson and tool I need for my journey.
  3. Always remain connected: There is strength in the connection with God, the assigned travel companions, the people and life. The level of connection is determined by God and the outcome.
  4. Trust the process: Keep walking no matter what is going on because in the end, the process will always produce the right person when our hearts are in the right place.

Abraham had some detours long the way and he had to come back to the centre, think of the two incidents in Egypt with Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael too yet he never lost touch with God and his path. He remained teachable, correctable and committed; that is what make the difference.

Are you ready for this journey?

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with My eye.
Do not be like the horse or like the mule,
Which have no understanding,
Which must be harnessed with bit and bridle,
Else they will not come near you.
Ps 32:8-9

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