My One True Help

Do you understand?

Do you really understand?

Do you see me?

Do you hear what I am saying?


Do you even know what my life is about?

Do you understand the call on my life?

Do you have an idea of the path?

Do you know how lonely it is?


I thought walking with God is easy.

I thought it would be seamless

I assumed He would smooth it all

I expected it to be simple


Oh, it is so hard

Oh it is so different

Only God has given me strength

Only He has opened the pathways


I know I am different

I know I am peculiar

I know I am clearly out there

I know not the way


My reality is God is in control

My confidence is in His word

My reliance is on His grace

My connection is to His power


The loneliness and fear are fading

The sadness is raised into strength

The fatigue has built strength

The peace has come from hope


I now know God is everything

I know there is a plan

I know nothing can stop me

I know I am covered


I walk with hope in God

I sit with confidence in Him

I lay down in confidence

I rise with assurance


Nothing will draw me from you

No one will make me doubt you

No drama will change my course

Nothing will stand in the way


I fit my eyes on You Lord

The author and prefector of my faith

My hope and desire

My one true help and strength


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