When God Messes It All Up

We have been working a plan with God for a while now and it was getting easier to execute every day and enjoyable to do. Ha! I should have known…He was about to shift things.

It started when He kept dropping things into my lap, adding things to my plate (not food) and increasing the demand on my time. I kept working and building but in time begun feeling rudderless and like I was drowning. I wanted everything to fit into the pattern I had established and got comfortable with, but alas that wasn’t a possibility.

The unraveling all came together in one day at a single moment.

After a day of walking through meeting after meeting I sat to set up for my weekly broadcast and simple things begun getting off track. The live stream took longer to get going because the device I was using is old, I was online ministering for ten minutes before I realised my device had the volume turned off, I had forgotten to start recording and after all that I still didn’t have content for my blog post. Yes, all this in one day.

It would have been easy to get rattled, and I honestly had begun feeling a rather rattled, but I heard the quiet question, Really? Really what you ask…Would I allow the situation to challenge me or would I look up at God to see His perspective? Would I be frustrated because the process wasn’t as easy as usual or would I look for a lesson or growth in it? For a few moments I tried to wallow but each moment was accompanied by a the same question and an agitation for more clarity wouldn’t allow me to settle there.

My reality shifted to…we cannot box God.

The answer came during the broadcast and it hit hard. Abraham was called to leave everything he knew to go to a land God would show him. Mary found herself pregnant and almost alone in a culture that would kill her for being unvirtuous. Joseph was despised, sold, falsely accused, jailed for many years with only the trust in his God. Hosea was instructed to marry a prostitute with the knowledge that it wouldn’t be smooth sailing. Yet they all complied and walked with God.

He said “Be still child it is me at work, doing what I know best.” “What is that?” I asked. “Keeping you tuned into me no matter what.” He replied.

When you feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, unprepared, or just not up to scratch; remember your Father has you in His hand. He cannot forget you, will not forget you and will preserve you for His purpose. Yet if He needs to stretch you, break and rebuild or re-calibrate you, He will. His design of our lives and processes is flawless. His timing is perfect. His presence daily. His purpose the best.

Simply trust Him because everything is as planned.


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