He Who Never Stops Working

You know how a song just changes your perspectives?

This week I found a rendition of Sinach’s Way Maker by The Pentecostals of Alexandria in an arrangement by Harvest Music Live that spoke to me. I was in the middle of an assignment, a little tired but determined to keep going because of an upcoming submission timeline when it came on. The internal sense of discord was so high I needed to re-calibrate, so I stopped to listen keenly and really allow it to speak to me.

It isn’t a new song, but it was the first time I heard this version and it was exactly what I needed in that moment. The most spectacular part of the song was the bridge towards the end…wow! It stopped me mid-thought and I had to go back a little bit…

Even when I don’t see it, You’re working; Even when I don’t feel it, You’re working

You never stop, You never stop working; You never stop, You never stop working.

Life has to be all about TRUST.

There was pressure all around me and my loved ones. Many are working through loss of different things; job, relationships, faith, hope etc, and a rise in fear. My work is intense and seemed to be more than I could stand and I had to stop. As I sat listening, I saw how high my internal pressure was even though it had not been evident. There was so much going on internally that I was not thinking about. So I took a deep breath and began dealing.

It got me thinking about those around me who are struggling with their faith; those who followed a clear instruction from God but life seems to have gone down the drain and God walked away; those who couldn’t see the hand of God in their situation let alone recognise His presence in their lives. There are also those who wonder if He still exists and if He is interested in their lives.

Is the big guy upstairs still interested and in charge?

One of my friend asked that recently. Very often we doubt God’s interest and power when we are in challenging situations because of how we are raised. We were taught that when God is in control everything works and we are never under pressure. We are also told that when things are going ‘of the rails’ we are living in sin and rebellion but alas. Now we find ourselves in places that must make us rethink. Is God really the one allowing us to go through all this drama? Does he even care?

The questions are boundless. If He cares, why would He allow my business to fail? Why would He allow my father to pass? Why would He allow my partner to lose his job? Why is my child unwell? How come there is so much trouble in the world? Where is God in the middle of this sickness? Why has he allowed this?

God does different things every time and we must get used to that.

Most of us lose trust and become uncomfortable with life when we don’t understand things. Our natural perspective is to see and believe. Our most comfortable place is absolute sight and confidence but is that even true of life? Does everything always go to plan? Do we always know what is going on and how to respond? Are we always sure of the plan? I dare to say no!

I am yet to find anyone who knows exactly what God is doing all the time. I know many who receive revelation every moment that changes their responses and aligns them to the realities of heaven. It is interesting to watch them interact with life through understanding and insight beyond many. I pray many more of us get to that place of grace and strength.

I must find my way and build my tent at that place of divine connection.

The part of the song that caught and held my attention was the words ‘even when I don’t see‘…stop and think about that for a bit. He is in charge even when I do not think He is available. His presence is not defined by whether or not I feel or see Him. It is not determined by how clear my senses are. His presence is there, every day, every moment, every breath, every thought. He is all around and in me even when I do not feel it.

If I can be sure of the love of my partner even when we are fighting, why can’t I be sure that God is in control no matter what? If I can have faith that my work will bear fruit how can I doubt God and His abilities. If I don’t worry about my next breath, step or thought surely I can learn to trust He who put all these things in place.

There are things beyond me that cannot be fixed by work and declarations.

I must be grounded in something more than myself to remain focused and accomplish the fullness of my life. I must find a deeper source of strength and faith than myself. So, I choose to shift my eyes to He who know it all and even when I do not feel or see it, He is at work. He is leading the way. He knows what I need and when I need it.

So I fix my eyes on He who knows the end from the beginning, who understands the path He has set for me. The one who orchestrates my life including sending help at the right moment. The one who opens and shuts doors as He knows will work for me, who makes my life worth every breath and protects the impact my life is designed to produce.

Even when I don’t feel or see it, He’s working, He never stops working.

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