My calling is sure

My challenge is big.

My vision is clear. 

My desire is strong.

My influence is eternal.


My impact is critical.

My values are solid.

My faith is tough.

My mission is urgent.

My purpose is unmistakable.

My direction is forward.


My heart is genuine.

My strength is supernatural.

My reward is promised. 

And My God is real.


I refuse to be 





Or distracted. 


Neither will I 

Look back, 

Stand back, 

Fall back, 

Go back 

Or sit back.


I do not need applause, 





Or veneration. 


I have no time for

Business as usual,

Mediocre standards,

Small thinking,

Normal expectations,

Average results,

Ordinary ideas,

Petty disputes

Or low vision.


I will not

Give up,

Give in,

Bail out,

Lie down,

Turn over,


Or surrender.


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Original piece by Collins Ambani

Photo by Brett Sayles on

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