Assigned Provision

When God sends you to an assignment, He tells you what, why and confirms the rest.

The first time I heard that statement I did not believe it because it felt like I knew what we were doing but nothing seemed to work. Everything looked like it was going burst and I could not make things happen no matter what. I could not turn one way or the other without losing something and I wanted to make the shift but keep everything as it was. Then he said, ‘Walk away!’

What? Why should I walk away? These are things I have always known, people I have always been with, and patterns that I have always had…how do I just walk away? What was I walking towards? Who would I be walking with? How do I sustain the ability to keep walking when I am alone? Was he really serious about the walking away? Then He sent confirmation after confirmation that walking away was the thing to do, so I walked away.

You can and indeed must walk away when He says so.

I have had a lot of time to thing and reflect and been reminded a lot of the whole walking away thing. I have had the opportunity to listen into many conversations in the faith sector and the uncertainty and fear is palpable and it is bothering me.

Isaiah 55:10-11 has come to life as I have thought about this season. God’s word is guaranteed to happen because He does not change His mind or move off path. It is as certain as the fact that rain comes from the sky, waters the earth, and provides food and seed. It is certain like the fact that he does not send rain to some and not others. If the accomplishment of God’s Word is a guarantee, why do so many of us struggle with standing on and believing in His word?

What is my part in this mix?

The one thing I am sure of is that God’s word will not fail no matter what; so why do some things in life fail? As I sat on that the questions begun to run through my mind. Do I really believe? Have I given him full control? Are there things I have held onto? Are there things standing in His way. Surely my part is to believe His Word, stand in faith and work on it.

My mind goes back to Daniel and all the madness around him including threats of death, yet he chose to live his life as he knew how. His patterns were predictable including praying every day, at the same time, with the window open; it was sure like clockwork. He had a critical assignment in government and faith, and he did both very well with faith as his foundation. It leaves me with many questions about my own life.

What is my foundation and established pattern?

If I believe that I am truly assigned and I walk in the fullness of the same, then I will proceed with every step no matter what resources are missing because they will come. Then I remember manna and quail in the desert, insight for the seven years of plenty, the fourth man in the fire, the coin in the fish’s mouth, five loaves and two fish…the list is endless in scripture and if we track it carefully, we can find the same stories in real life. People who live by faith and the word of God; who’s lives are having incredible impact.

As we walk our journey, provision awaits in the appropriate ideas and insights, connections, teams, contacts, clients, income, investments, impact and opportunities to serve. Our foundation must be the word spoken over us before the foundations of the earth.

Today I choose to once again BELIEVE the word He spoke, I choose to stand FIRM on it and walk in FAITH.

Join me!

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